What’s Your Road Is Here!

September 13, 2013

Roadtrip Nation Roadmap


Hello! Mariana here, your resident social media geek, with some shiny updates to share with you! We here at Roadtrip Nation have been busily working away on a new part of our website. One that we hope will provide you a little guidance in making the important decisions that define your life.


We know that figuring out what you want to do in your life isn’t easy—in fact, it can be down-right scary to sit and think about! So, we’ve created a tool called “What’s Your Road?” to clear away the fear and help you wrap your head around things. Don’t worry—it’s not a long personality test or a database of dull job descriptions. It’s just a quick and easy way to get your wheels turning about where you’re going.


Sometimes, the hardest question has the simplest answer but we never arrive there because we are too focused on the barriers–the things that ‘could’ go wrong.  Instead of refraining from judgment and truly listening to what we want for ourselves, we tend to listen to the voice in our head that says, “You could never do that! That’s only for superstars, not me.” Well, let us help you out, get rid of the noise, and hopefully inspire you to go after it!


What are you waiting for? Click here and see “What’s Your Road?” in full action! We just launched so we’d also love to hear some feedback. Let us know how we did and what we could improve on!


Good luck!


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