Weekly Playlist: Under Pressure like Bowie (But Not as Fun).

March 22, 2013

Pressure can come in many forms: family, friends, and society. There’s even that inner dialogue we have with ourselves that can weigh us down by saying ‘You suck! You’ll never be good enough!’


Let’s face it: while we’re out defining our own Roads, there’s plenty of pressures that can put a halt to our track. Even the most successful people we’ve talked to have had to deal with negative Noise. Celebrated comedian and Roadtrip Leader Joe Rogan knows all about that. His family did not want him to be a comedian, and they didn’t even think he was funny! All that pressure made him question his path, but he ultimately followed his instincts and now he plays to sold-out shows!


So let’s sit back, bust out the popcorn, and check out more Leaders who talk about the pressure they faced while defining their Roads. They found a way to shut out the Noise—and so can you.


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