Weekly Playlist: Tension is a good thing…

April 21, 2013


My mum always taught me never to back down from a challenge. To always put your all into something, even if it’s difficult or it seems too hard or out of reach. But I never really understood. I wanted to be lazy, I didn’t want to work hard, I wanted an easy path that involved very little effort. It was only after I entered my mid-twenties and went on a Roadtrip that I learned the power of facing adversity, and putting in the miles through the mud to get something accomplished.


I moved to the other side of the world from Australia at the age of twenty-one. I had never lived away from home, I didn’t have a plan, and until then, I had lived a pretty sheltered life. It was a huge shock, and five years later, I look at all the challenges I faced, the endless tears, the financial burdens, the unknown immigration statuses, the isolation,the cynical opinions, and I can say without hesitation that I wouldn’t trade it for any other path. The tension of voluntarily sitting in difficult times made me who I am today. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today–with the knowledge, skill set or experiences–if it wasn’t for facing hardship head-on and not backing out to live a cushiony life.


This topic of hardship reminds me of our interview with Switchfoot in 2008. My mind was blown by what Jon Foreman had to say about tough times: he said that tension is a good thing; it’s the only way you can make a pure sound on a guitar or violin. So long monologue rant aside, this playlist is all about Leaders who say “Make it hard on yourself!” It’s character building. It tests you. And it may make you question a lot of your decisions, but you may be surprised by what comes out of you inner self. We are all tougher than we think!


‘Til next week guys!

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