Weekly Playlist: Risky Business

February 15, 2013

Hello! This is Sasha, and I’m the new online community assistant here at Roadtrip Nation.  I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to be a part of Roadtrip and funny enough, this week’s mix tape is all about risk.


We’ve highlighted some Leaders who have found success by taking risk. In Season Four of our TV series, our Roadtrippers sat down with Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Jusckiewicz to hear his take on finding courage and following passion. Here’s what Henry had to say:


“If you’re afraid of losing you should never take a risk because the fact is you’re going to lose. But if you really know what you want, then losing doesn’t bother you. You don’t stop.”


These Leaders show us that high risk can lead to a very rewarding life.  But how do you know when a risk is worth taking?


“You take the risk and if it fails, you know you took the wrong one,” explains Roadtrip Leader Sam Ross. “There is no way of knowing.”


After earning a Ph.D., Sam chose to not follow in his father’s footsteps and decided that he wanted to run a school rather than become a doctor. He was all set with a well-planned career, but he took a chance when he didn’t have to.


If you’re not used to taking risks, start out with something small.  Take a new route to work, visit a place you’ve never been before, apply to your dream school, start a band or simply try out a new restaurant. Taking these small “risks” can turn a boring day into an adventurous one!


Try making risk-taking a regular thing. It doesn’t necessarily become easier, but eventually you will feel more confident and empowered when taking life’s big leaps.


So be bold this weekend. Go out and discover the power of risk-taking.


It's not an impossible mission to take some small risks in life.

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