We Need Your Vote For Our Cause!

June 19, 2012

Hi, Friends!


So, we have some pretty exciting stuff happening right now—and we’d like you to get involved! Well, really, we need your support!


Many of you know about our work in education, but some of you don’t. Over our ten years of helping people define their own Roads in life, we started to realize we needed to reach people earlier in their lives so that they had the confidence and insight to switch gears (excuse the pun!), and do what they truly love. So, we decided to reach out to high school students by creating a self-discovery curriculum, The Roadtrip Nation Experience, based on our summer Roadtrip interviews. Our hope was that through this program, students can make future plans with a stronger foundation of who they are. Check out these student testimonials…




To further our mission in education we’re teaming up with AT&T Foundation to raise awareness about our Cause:  To empower students to define their own Roads in life by building better connections to themselves, their educations, and their communities.


Now, this is where you come in. Through this campaign, you can vote for our Cause beginning today, June 19th, through Sept. 30! Remember you can vote once a day, that’s one-hundred-and-four votes each! (Potentially). Cast your vote here!



By voting, you’re supporting our Movement in education and helping us receive funding to give The Roadtrip Nation Experience curriculum to low-income schools across the country. Go here to vote now! Your one vote can make a huge difference in the lives of students struggling to find their paths in life.


We appreciate all your support; thank you for being a part of the Roadtrip Nation Movement! We will be keeping you updated during the following weeks with more information about our mission in education and how you can further get involved.



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