It’s Time For Throwback Thursday

November 14, 2013

As a way to celebrate how far Roadtrip has come, we thought it would be fun to start celebrating Throwback Thursday, Roadtrip style. Each week, we’ll be digging up pictures and videos from our past seasons of Roadtrip Nation–starting with the original Roadtrip!–to get you all excited about the application process for our upcoming Summer Roadtrip. OK, yes, this blog also doubles as a plug for our Summer Roadtrip applications, which are up now: Boom!


Anyway, since this is the first week of our new Throwback series, we’re taking it alllll the way back to where it first began. The Original Roadtrip! Woohoo!


Here’s a picture of the crew painting The Legend green. Why was the first RV painted green, you may ask? Was it because green is the color of growth, and the guys were about to set off on a journey of self-discovery? Nope, but good guess! In actuality, the RV was painted green because it needed a new coat of paint, and green was the cheapest color of paint at the store.



Here’s a fun “behind the scenes” picture of Brian filming an interview in the RV with folks from Clif Bar:


filming clifbar

When Brian, Mike, and Nathan first hit the road in their (mechanically unsound) big Green RV, they talked to 85 Leaders from many different walks of life. That’s a lot of advice! We’ve selected four Leaders from that first Roadtrip for your viewing pleasure. Each has a different story, and they’ve all truly defined their own Roads in life.

First, there is Michael Dell, the Founder/CEO of Dell. Michael came from a family of doctors, which led him to enroll as a biology major in college. His passion for building computers in his dorm room was stronger than his interest in biology, so he dropped out. He kept selling computers, however, and now Dell sells millions of dollars worth of computers every day.

Next is Rick Allen, CEO of National Geographic. Rick changed his major from pre-med to English, and then went to law school. After practicing law for six years, he became CEO of a group of businesses, which finally led to National Geographic offering him a job! He says, “All of the kind of weird directions my career has taken…a lot of it was happenstance. You work hard. Keep your eyes open.”

Our third Throwback Leader is Stan Richards, founder of The Richards Group (a branding agency named Agency of the Year four times by Adweek magazine). Stan says he knew what he wanted to do from the time he was 10 years old! After studying graphic design in college, Stan got hired by the largest advertising company in Dallas and made a great salary. He wasn’t happy, though, and knew it was time to take a risk by starting his own company.

Finally, there’s Laurie Coots. Laurie was on the fast track to becoming a veterinarian when she decided she should slow down and do some exploration. While dabbling, she met people who worked for the advertising agency Chiat/Day and got her foot in the door. Once hired, she did everything she could do go above and beyond, and has now worked on major accounts like Apple, Nissan, and Sony PlayStation.

I hope you take some time to check out these interviews. Enjoy! And don’t forget to apply to go on the road with us this summer! Here’s that link one more time:



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