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13 Things that Scare the S*** out of 20-Somethings

Some anxieties persist throughout life: fear of spiders, discomfort with heights, having to take your laptop out of your bag at airport security and feeling SUCH TREMENDOUS PRESSURE TO DO IT IN .003 SECONDS because everyone is judging your zipping skills. Other worries are uniquely confined to your twenties. It’s a shaky stage, where something as mundane as picking out a phone plan triggers the impulse to call your mom...

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26 Items You Need to Survive a Road Trip

We’ve compiled a list of our packing essentials, from A-Z. Pack these 26 items for your next road trip and you won’t be sorry!   Appetite. Get ready to eat a lot. You’ll be snacking on sunflower seeds as you drive; purchasing chemically-loaded snacks you would never, under normal circumstances, put in your delicate body; and/or stopping at every fun diner you see. Be prepared. Bring an appetite. And some...

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