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From the Archives: Eight Women You Should Know!

From legendary political rights activists, to Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, to postdocs at MIT, our Interview Archive is packed full of some pretty amazing women. So this month—for International Women’s Month!—we wanted to take the time to highlight a few of the trailblazing, butt-kicking heroines whose inspirational stories are an integral part of our archive:   Mariette DiChristina: Editor in Chief, ‘Scientific American’   You wouldn’t be crazy to assume that...

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“I Know What I Want…Now What Do I Do?”

So: you’ve identified what you want to do, and found a career path that you think will stimulate your curiosity, align with your beliefs, and combine your interests — good for you! That sounds sarcastic, but we’re being so serious right now: if you’ve figured out what you like, and matched up those interests to a job that’s actually going to let you indulge them regularly, then you’re already miles ahead of...

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Kicking Out the Ladder

Last week at work, while scrolling through our Twitter feed (work in social media and you’ll never work a day in your life!), we happened upon a great thread about the relativity of “career success,” started by writer and Design*Sponge columnist Ashley C. Ford after observing her partner's quarter-life crisis. The ensuing conversation produced tons of insightful advice on the subject, but the one adage that stood out was from...

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Q&A: Markey Culver, Founder of The Women’s Bakery

Five years ago, Markey Culver was stationed in Rwanda on a Peace Corps mission, tasked with improving the nutrition of a rural village. A lover of leafy greens and their health-loaded benefits, Markey first tried introducing a salad-based diet to the community...and it lasted about as long as your no-carb New Year’s Resolution. After all, as anyone who has ever made a salad for themselves knows, the second you catch a...

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Q&A: Myrka Dellanos on finding her purpose, embracing the unknown, and using social media for good

Two-time Emmy-winning newscaster, author, radio host, humanitarian, adjunct professor, blogger, vlogger, skincare guru—okay, we’re fully convinced that there is nothing Myrka Dellanos can’t do. After majoring in journalism at the University of Miami, Myrka made a meteoric rise from local anchor to one of the faces of Univision. For 12 years she was the host of the popular Spanish-language news program Primer Impacto, covering events as substantial as the O.J....

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Five Failures (That Actually Led to Success)

“Everyone fails.” “Don’t be afraid to fail!” “Get to failing!!!” Okay, so let’s say that after hearing your mentors repeat this phrase until their faces turned blue, you finally listened—you took a chance, you went after one of your goals...and you failed. Now you’re at the bottom of the hole you’ve dug, looking back up at us like, YO, guys—I did it! That was fun! Now throw me a line! After...

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Q&A: ModCloth’s Susan Gregg Koger on What She Wishes She’d Known When She Started

Susan Gregg Koger started ModCloth the summer after high school with her then-boyfriend, now-husband as a place to sell her excess thrift-store finds. So when she went to college, ModCloth came too. Sure, that meant that her dorm room became her fledgling side-business’s fulfillment center (thanks, understanding college dorm-mates!), and that she sometimes got business calls when she was in the library studying, but it also meant that when she...

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Weekend Mix: What is Success?

“Success” is that big, vague goal we’re all trying to reach in our lives. Why not? We all like winning, and being successful means we’ve won at the game of life, right?! Score! But what does it mean to be successful? What does it take? And how the heck am I supposed to define success in the first place? The whole topic can seem so elusive sometimes.   Read More...

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Snapshots from the Road: New York City

Our Roadies asked the city of New York: "Success to me is..." Here is a look at what New York had to say!   Read More →

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Conversations From the Wall: Success

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