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Things No One Tells You About Life After Graduation

Graduation is right around the corner. Soon, the class of 2015 will be gliding across a stage, receiving their hard-earned diplomas, and hearing camera-happy parents yell “smile with your teeth!” as they’re captured in a moment of accomplishment in what looks like a formal Snuggie. If this describes you, congratulations! You have reason to celebrate. After all, it takes a great deal of drive to pore over books, pen research...

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11 Life Lessons You Won’t Learn in the Classroom

Graphing equations. The molecular structure of sugar. The war of 1812. These are all things you (hopefully) learned about in school. We are told that school prepares you for life, and there are a lot of things that you do learn in school that you eventually use in the real world, like math. Please learn math. One day your phone is going to die/be left on your bedside table at...

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Roadtrip Nation Students on KQED Radio Show!

  On January 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Roadtrip Nation students and teachers were featured on KQED’s  radio show Forum!   KQED invited Brian McAllister, a cofounder of Roadtrip Nation; Martha Escalera and Michelle Peyton, both teachers of the Roadtrip Nation Experience; as well as Carina Gomez, Adriana Jacquez, and Tevin Liao, students going through the curriculum, to speak on their unique perspectives and experiences with The Roadtrip Nation...

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Looking Forward to a New Year!

Hey guys, and Happy 2011! The crew here at Roadtrip Nation is excited to start off the New Year with renewed energy, motivation, and enthusiasm!   We are really looking forward to this year as we have a lot of really great projects in the works— like a revamp of the Interview Archive and a new season of Roadtrip Nation airing in the fall. And we got lots of awesome...

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Roadtrip Nation and America’s Promise Alliance

Annie and I just returned from Hershey, Pa., where we participated in Building a Grad Nation, a symposium put on by the America's Promise Alliance at the incredible Milton Hershey School.   At the symposium, we had the pleasure to meet with student recipients of the My Idea grants as well as the Alliance Featured Communities. The kids were incredible!   Read More →

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Roadtrip Nation at Education Nation Video

As an extension of their initial Roadtrip, Kaitlynn, Aleyde, and Ashley, juniors from Palisade Preparatory School in Yonkers, N.Y., brought their voices to Education Nation by interviewing participants at the summit the Roadtrip Nation way—by asking them about the decisions they made as they defined their own roads in life.   Read More →

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Recap on Roadtrip Nation’s visit to South San Francisco High

I met up with the team the other day for a Roadtrip Nation event at South San Francisco High.   First, let me say that both the teachers and the students of SSFH are absolutely incredible! Roadtrip Nation had the opportunity to interact with SSFH not only through The Roadtrip Nation Experience, but also through the program. Last year, for instance, we got to go to The Big Ideas Fest...

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