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Q&A: Professional Roadtripper Willie Witte on Why You Should Always Say ‘Yes’ to Pig Wrestling

There’s always an interesting tension we have to deal with during the month of August: a big part of us wants to get out there and live out the rest of our summer in the fabulously spontaneous [and Instagram-able] ways we’d dreamed about all winter!!!   But…realistically, the sweltering heat often makes us turn down fun experiences in favor of sitting directly in front of a large fan and not moving or...

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Post-it Note Advice For a Quarter-Life Crisis

The other night I made mac and cheese for dinner and joked to my friends on social media about the fact that I’m definitely not a grown-up.   Instagrammed Evidence, Exhibit A: After all, grown-ups eat vegetables for dinner. They have recipe books and they’re not afraid to use 'em, right? My Pinterest account seems to suggest that the answer is yes, but I’m beginning to become skeptical. Conversely, my...

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Roadtrip Nation Hosts College Knowledge Challenge Winners

  Yesterday, Roadtrip Nation was happy to play host to 19 incredible educational app developers who were selected as winners of the College Knowledge Challenge! Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and led by College Summit, The College Knowledge Challenge is a competitive grant initiative to develop innovative apps on Facebook that will help students apply to, attend, and stay in college. Roadtrip Nation not only played host, but...

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Roadtrip Nation Safari!

Sometimes, the Internet inspires us. Too much? Never! Thank you Mashable for making this happen in our office.   Read More →

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Let’s Geek Out Austin! A Social Media Director’s Diary #1

  [caption id="attachment_6456" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Snap shots from Austin!"][/caption] Hi!   Well, Austin has already proven to be worth the 24 hours in a small van with five (awesome) KKi interns. These guys have been such a pleasure to get to know; each one of them has incredible passion for the work they do with Krochet Kids, and it was exciting to be a part of their road trip.  ...

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Meet the Crew: Say Salutations To Sasha; She’s Splendid!

One of the things that I dig about working at Roadtrip Nation is the backgrounds and stories of how we all ended up here working together. We all come from different walks of life, and it's pretty cool to think about the little tapestry we weave of our own personal stories, in addition to the stories we get from Leaders everyday. The people working here are on their own journeys...

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From Roadtripper to Roadie!

[caption id="attachment_5891" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Megan, Jackie, and Zachariah"][/caption]   Hi All! Megan Doyle here. This past summer, I was a Roadtripper on the Green RV, and I got the chance to interview 31 incredible individuals all across the United States.   Each Leader we interviewed has created a life based on a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In each interview, I told these relative strangers what scares me,...

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Ray’s Corner /// Meet Brittany: Roadtrip Nation’s Archivist

Meet Brittany: Roadtrip Nation’s own Archivist. After talking to Brittany today, I started thinking about what it was that I wanted out of life at 17. At 17, I was trying to get noticed by girls while not make a fool of myself; I was trying to be in with the “trends” (at my time, it was about having just the right amount bagginess to your jeans and rockin ‘em...

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Our web team is looking for a Backend Web Developer!

Hi friends! Roadtrip Nation is on the lookout for a strong backend web developer. Do you find that you do your best problem solving on a whiteboard or behind a computer screen? Does the idea of working with a fun team of self-professed tech nerds bring a smile to your face? Check out the details below on an amazing opportunity to join the Movement and work with our great team!...

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Print/Web Editor Open Position!

Hi, Friends! We're hiring here at Roadtrip Nation for a Print/Web Editor! Love words? Grammar Guru? Writing Extraordinaire? Check out the details below on an amazing opportunity to join the Movement and work with our great team here!     Read More →

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