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Roadie Recap: Balancing the STEM Equation

Hopefully by now, you’ve heard all about our latest women in STEM-themed series, A Balanced Equation! But what you might not know is that behind the scenes, an awesome bunch of Roadtrip Nation roadies—Mimi, Jen, Kelsey, and Ellen—have been visiting schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and STEM-focused organizations across the country, screening clips from the series for over 2,000 students and young adults. A Balanced Equation features tons of uplifting...

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Roadie Blog: Updates from the Road

Hello World!   This is Roadie Jenny (or J-Dog as my fellow Roadies call me). I'll be keeping you in the loop from the road for the 2014 Roadie Fall Tour! We're ecstatic to embark on this journey and can't wait to bring you along with us. But first...   Let us take a selfie!   Monday night we head out (not too far from home) to sunny San Diego,...

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First-Gen Roadtrip: Final Thoughts

The First-Gen Roadtrip has officially come to a close and Jasmine, Jenny, Johnathan, and Felipe have all gone their separate ways. A collaboration between Roadtrip Nation and The College Board allowed these four first-generation college students the opportunity to travel the country and interview pioneering leaders who were also the first in their families to go to college. After all was said and done, the road-trippers spent 35 days on...

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On the Road Faves

The Design Roadtrip team is almost done with their whirlwind adventure! They’ve traveled from coast to coast, collecting advice from some of the nation’s most ground-breaking makers, and are now finishing up their last few interviews in NYC. As the trip winds down, we asked each of the road-trippers to reflect on their most memorable moments from the road. Check out some of their favorite eats, landmarks, and unforgettable experiences...

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Design Roadtrip: Photos from the Road

Wondering what the Design Roadtrip team has been up to? Here are some snapshots from the road!     The team visited Montana and was impressed with the amazing views.   Sunsets are better when viewed from the top of the Green RV!   Beware: beautiful sunsets may cause excited arm gestures.   After driving through the Tetons, they made their way towards Yellowstone National Park.   Yellowstone was EPIC.  ...

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Introducing Our First-Gen Road-Trippers!

This summer, we're partnering with the College Board to offer four first-generation college-going students the chance to travel the country in our Green RV. These road-trippers are the first in their families to go to college, and they'll be interviewing inspiring professionals who were also first-generation college-going students. They'll start their 4-week journey in July, but before they take the wheel, here's a little bit of info to help you...

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Design Road-Trippers: Initial Thoughts On Design

Our design road-trippers (Ben, Sofaya, and Martha) have been very busy booking interviews and planning for their trip! This summer, they will be traveling the country and interviewing leading design innovators. We can’t disclose (yet) who the team will be chatting with, but we can say that they’re going to be speaking with some pretty rad folks. In line with the theme of their road trip, we thought it would...

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The Design Roadtrippers: Favorite Snacks!

Whether you're eating at hole-in-the-wall restaurants that locals recommend, or trying to eat at all the best donut shops in America (yes, this is a real thing), the food you eat on a road trip is really important. Road trip snacking is serious business! That's why we thought it would be fun to ask each of our Design Roadtrippers about what they plan to nom this summer in the Green RV. Check...

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Roadie Recap Week 6

My my my, fancy seeing you here. Roadie Emmercelle reporting from Columbus, Ohio, as the RV gets serviced and ready to GO for our trip back to California. Let me tell you about the roads of Ohio--maaaan, is it beautiful. This past week marked our very last week of events. Coming into our fifth week on the road, we all were amped to give the last set of events our...

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Roadie Recap Week 3

Hello from the road, world! Roadie Emmercelle here to give you your weekly dose of YAY from somewhere in the United States. I'm writing to you on the Green RV, rolling along to Fort Myers, FL. But less about that, more about this past week. Read More →

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