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5 Outfits You Should Definitely Try While Road-Tripping

Road trip fashion is less about what color is “in” this season and more about comfort, functionality, and temperature control. That’s why we propose that you pack the following items for your next road trip!   1. Jorts (jean shorts): This is a standard road-tripping clothing item. Jorts basically scream, “I love driving around America.” Simply put, jeans+shorts= magic.   2. Yoga pants and t-shirt: When you rock this outfit,...

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Design Roadtrip: Packing Essentials

The Design Roadtrip team just arrived at our HQ in sunny Costa Mesa, California! Their road trip is officially underway. Now that they’ve survived the first challenge of a road trip (packing), we wanted to know what they have in their bags! What were the items they just couldn’t live without on the road? We asked, and they answered. Here are the road-tripper’s packing essentials:   Sofaya: sketchbook, duct tape,...

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26 Items You Need to Survive a Road Trip

We’ve compiled a list of our packing essentials, from A-Z. Pack these 26 items for your next road trip and you won’t be sorry!   Appetite. Get ready to eat a lot. You’ll be snacking on sunflower seeds as you drive; purchasing chemically-loaded snacks you would never, under normal circumstances, put in your delicate body; and/or stopping at every fun diner you see. Be prepared. Bring an appetite. And some...

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