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Things No One Tells You About Life After Graduation

Graduation is right around the corner. Soon, the class of 2015 will be gliding across a stage, receiving their hard-earned diplomas, and hearing camera-happy parents yell “smile with your teeth!” as they’re captured in a moment of accomplishment in what looks like a formal Snuggie. If this describes you, congratulations! You have reason to celebrate. After all, it takes a great deal of drive to pore over books, pen research...

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11 Life Lessons You Won’t Learn in the Classroom

Graphing equations. The molecular structure of sugar. The war of 1812. These are all things you (hopefully) learned about in school. We are told that school prepares you for life, and there are a lot of things that you do learn in school that you eventually use in the real world, like math. Please learn math. One day your phone is going to die/be left on your bedside table at...

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“If You Fail, That’s Just A Chapter in the Story…”

I like to think of life as a series of chapters in a book, where each individual gets to write his or her own story. Roadtrip Nation encourages people to find their own Roads in life. But what happens when you feel like you’ve wandered off the path? How do you deal with writer’s block? This weekend’s youtube playlist is full of Leaders who have gotten creative, followed their hearts, and...

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Culture Corner: Meet new Roadtripper Tele’jon!

This summer, our new Roadtripper Tele’jon will join Olivia and Ed to embark on his first ever Roadtrip.    Here’s a chance to get to know Tele’jon before he boards the Green RV. We think you’ll be surprised to find out what he fears the most (hint: it’s slimy) and what he wants to see on the trip. Read More →

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Meet Roadtripper Ed!

  Ed is one of our newest Roadtrippers. He’s from a small town in England, and he’s ready to get off the island and explore. Get to know Ed as he tells us more about his thoughts on the upcoming Roadtrip, what he hopes to get out of it, and the one thing he just can’t leave home without.     Why do you want to go on the Roadtrip?...

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Git Out Yo Comfort Zone!

As an emcee, I’m constantly writing lyrics, and at times it can get super tedious, usually accompanied with a wave of over-analysis that has you doubting if it’s exactly everything you want to convey, in exactly the way you want. Over the years, I think that the overanalyzation has hampered and even curbed my production. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about each of our own creative processes...

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Weekend Mix #5: Simplicity

  It's the simple things in life...   What  does this mean? We hear it a lot—that life is very simple and that we tend to complicate things for ourselves. Like a cluttered closet  that you can never seem to find what you need, our minds tend to clutter with ideas that can at times hold us back from seeing the little things that make life good!   Read More...

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Weekend Mix #4 Finding Your Inner Kid

    Remember when you were a little kid and you thought you could do anything?   People say it was simpler back then because we had adults to take care of responsibilities and we were free to play and explore. And maybe that's true, but it was also simpler because we didn’t let anything get in the way of our imaginations or aspirations.   Read More →

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It’s Your Chance To Hit the Road with Roadtrip Nation!

It’s your chance for the opportunity to take a six-week Roadtrip during the summer of 2011 across the country in our Green RV interviewing inspirational Leaders from all walks of life. Your journey will be documented on film and broadcast on public television stations across the nation for our annual TV series! Read More →

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