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Q&A: Professional Roadtripper Willie Witte on Why You Should Always Say ‘Yes’ to Pig Wrestling

There’s always an interesting tension we have to deal with during the month of August: a big part of us wants to get out there and live out the rest of our summer in the fabulously spontaneous [and Instagram-able] ways we’d dreamed about all winter!!!   But…realistically, the sweltering heat often makes us turn down fun experiences in favor of sitting directly in front of a large fan and not moving or...

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From the Archives: Eight Women You Should Know!

From legendary political rights activists, to Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, to postdocs at MIT, our Interview Archive is packed full of some pretty amazing women. So this month—for International Women’s Month!—we wanted to take the time to highlight a few of the trailblazing, butt-kicking heroines whose inspirational stories are an integral part of our archive:   Mariette DiChristina: Editor in Chief, ‘Scientific American’   You wouldn’t be crazy to assume that...

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Introducing: The Cybersecurity Road-trippers!

It’s no secret that the internet can be a scary place. (And we’re not just talking about your mom trying to add you on Snapchat). At a time when most of our professional and private information is stored online, we need a task-force of specialists to keep it safe—a team of superheroes, of sorts. Enter cybersecurity experts: they’re the people safeguarding everything online, from our most embarrassing #squad photos, to...

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New Interviews from South by Southwest

Hello friends! A couple of months ago, Chrystal and I were fortunate enough to attend South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.   We had a incredible experience, gained many new insights and met a plethora of talented people. Two of those insightful people that we met with were Bob Boilen of NPR's "All Songs Considered" and Seth Hubbard, label manager for "Polyvinyl Records".   Read More →

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Missed Veronica Belmont on Roadtrip Nation Live?

We had an amazing time speaking with Veronica Belmont, host of web series Tekzilla and podcast Sword and Laser. I feel very fortunate to have heard her story. Usually, people don't get opportunities to be reminded that sometimes life will take you down a road that's unknown, but somehow it all works out for the best.   It was nice to finally get my geek swagger back! We love meeting...

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Featured Musician: The Loose Roosters

    I had the opportunity to chat with Steve from The Loose Roosters and hear his insights about music in his life. He talked about doing what you want to do despite what others say, and playing music for yourself, not for anyone else. His words were really inspiring and hit home with my own feelings about playing the guitar and drums. It was an awesome interview, so check...

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New Interview Archive, Coming Soon!

  Hey all! I'm Brittany and I'm the content manager here at Roadtrip. What I do is...well, manage the content! I make sure that all the text, photos, videos, etc... get online without a problem.     One huge project that the Web team, as well as the Design team, has been and will be working on for the majority of 2011, is the revamp of the Interview Archive. We're...

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It’s Your Chance To Hit the Road with Roadtrip Nation!

It’s your chance for the opportunity to take a six-week Roadtrip during the summer of 2011 across the country in our Green RV interviewing inspirational Leaders from all walks of life. Your journey will be documented on film and broadcast on public television stations across the nation for our annual TV series! Read More →

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Featured Musician: The Colourist

After their band practice, I was able to chat with The Colourist. They recently played at our Fall Tour/Season Seven Launch Party and their drummer, Maya, is the director of the TV series here at Roadtrip Nation! I'm not gonna lie, I was surprisingly nervous for this one. Maybe I was just worried that they weren't going to open up all that much, but as you can see in their interview,...

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Susan’s recap on the Cary Brothers interview

It’s a rare event when you get to end an interview hanging out with a musician just after you’ve interviewed them at the Four Seasons, especially during one of the busiest music conferences in the world SXSW. But that’s just the kind of guy Cary Brothers is.     Read More →

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