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Get Interested: Four Easy Ways to Figure Out What You Love

Recently, our Facebook and Twitter accounts have been receiving an influx of questions along the lines of, “Hey, Roadtrip Nation: the people that you’ve interviewed have made awesome careers out of their interests, and that’s cool. should I do if I don’t have any interests?” This is an awesome question that everyone probably secretly asking themselves, so we’re just going to tackle it here! First things first, let’s make...

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5 Ways to Stop Thinking and Start Doing (A.K.A. How to Get Your **** Together)

You know the feeling: a pressing task looms over you, but when you start to think about all the effort it’ll take to get it done, suddenly you have the overpowering urge to Google what that actor from Boy Meets World is doing now...and actually, isn’t this the perfect time re-organize your sock drawer according to cotton thickness? Procrastination will only intensify your anxiety, but you’re so tripped up on...

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New Interview Archive, Coming Soon!

  Hey all! I'm Brittany and I'm the content manager here at Roadtrip. What I do is...well, manage the content! I make sure that all the text, photos, videos, etc... get online without a problem.     One huge project that the Web team, as well as the Design team, has been and will be working on for the majority of 2011, is the revamp of the Interview Archive. We're...

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Featured Musician: Golden Bloom

  This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Shawn Fogel from Golden Bloom. Talking with him was really refreshing and made me feel so much more at ease about pursuing my own interests in music. Check out the interview here!   Read More →

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