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Q&A: Myrka Dellanos on finding her purpose, embracing the unknown, and using social media for good

Two-time Emmy-winning newscaster, author, radio host, humanitarian, adjunct professor, blogger, vlogger, skincare guru—okay, we’re fully convinced that there is nothing Myrka Dellanos can’t do. After majoring in journalism at the University of Miami, Myrka made a meteoric rise from local anchor to one of the faces of Univision. For 12 years she was the host of the popular Spanish-language news program Primer Impacto, covering events as substantial as the O.J....

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Money Vs Happiness

It's the age old debate, can money buy you happiness? Here is a great video insight from the smart people at AsapSCIENCE, on the myth about money and it's link to our happiness.   Is it as simple as they say? Rather then focus on how much we have, focus on where you spend it.   httpv://

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