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Meet the Road-trippers: Arizona Innovation Roadtrip

When people think of "startups," many minds travel straight to Silicon Valley—either the city itself, or the equally amazing TV show. But as access to tech education and capital spreads, the barrier to entry for startups across the country has been lowered, and as a result, there's been explosive growth in areas that aren't San Francisco, CA. One such area? Arizona, a state whose commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation has attracted tons of new startups,...

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Meet The Crew: Tiffany Chow

Howdy, blogosphere. Hannah here. I'm excited to introduce you all to one of our newest employees, Tiffany Chow—she’s terrific! I sat down with Tiffany to find out what makes her tick. Here's what I found out... Tiffany comes to Roadtrip Nation by way of DC, although she's an Orange County native. What makes her most excited to be back? The sunshine and the beach… she loves being outside! Here are...

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Meet the Crew: Say Hello to Scotty!

What's up everyone? I'm Scotty and I'm the new PHP Developer here at Roadtrip Nation. I am a self-taught programmer who has a bachelor's degree in creative writing and another bachelor’s in 3D animation. Sounds like I knew what I wanted to do with my life, right? Which is why I love what Roadtrip Nation does and why I can't wait to help in their mission. If I knew about...

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Roadtrip Nation Culture: Staying Inspired in Mammoth

Tradition! It builds culture, it helps shape identity, and it creates a sense of community. Here at Roadtrip Nation, we have a lot of traditions: “El Pollo Loco” Thanksgivings, ping-pong challenges, bocce ball, making make-shift trophies for office award ceremonies, beer o’clock, giving employees a hedgehog stuffed animal to recognize hard work, keeping an adorably disheveled puppy around, etc. Read More →

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Movember results are in!

Mark "The Kissing Booth" Batstone, our 2012, Man of Movember. Read More →

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Staff Hidden Talents: Chrystal Baker Madeleine Maker

It's that time again, folks! Time to expose some more Roadtrip Nation crew hidden talents. This one we have all enjoyed countless times. We all get quite excited when we see Tupperware walk into the office, especially when carried by the our Head of Community Development, Chrystal!! (She makes one heck of a Madeleine too!) Read More →

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Happy Holidays From Roadtrip Nation!

      Hi, Roadtrip Nation here. As you all know, the merry holidays are approaching…   Read More →

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Hi there!

We thought it was important that you all got to see who works behind the scenes here at Roadtrip Nation.  So we stalked our crew with a camera for a day and captured the many faces of Roadtrip Nation! It's nice to meet you!   httpv://

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Re-mastered Season Two: Airing Soon!

Every year for the past seven years, we produce the Roadtrip Nation documentary series, which is broadcast on public television. Season Seven premiered this fall and is still being released in new cities across the country each month!   This year we wanted to give stations more episodes to air, so we came up with a plan in which after they air the 10 new episodes they would re-broadcast Season...

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A Little Holiday Music Cheer From Us

Our favorite thing about the holiday season is the music. From the classics, to the contemporary, we love them all. Here are just a few of the favorites from the Roadtrip Nation crew. Enjoy, and happy holidays!   Read More →

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