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From the Archives: Eight Women You Should Know!

From legendary political rights activists, to Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, to postdocs at MIT, our Interview Archive is packed full of some pretty amazing women. So this month—for International Women’s Month!—we wanted to take the time to highlight a few of the trailblazing, butt-kicking heroines whose inspirational stories are an integral part of our archive:   Mariette DiChristina: Editor in Chief, ‘Scientific American’   You wouldn’t be crazy to assume that...

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Design Roadtrip: Photos from the Road

Wondering what the Design Roadtrip team has been up to? Here are some snapshots from the road!     The team visited Montana and was impressed with the amazing views.   Sunsets are better when viewed from the top of the Green RV!   Beware: beautiful sunsets may cause excited arm gestures.   After driving through the Tetons, they made their way towards Yellowstone National Park.   Yellowstone was EPIC.  ...

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Bobby: the man, the legend, photographer!

  When I was tasked with writing this blog, I thought, “crap.” This is a daunting post to write, because there is no combination of words, no well-strung sentence that could eloquently and justly describe the amazing Bobby Lee. The pressure is on. Bobby works on our web team and is one of the most talented and passionate nature photographers I have the pleasure to work with and call my...

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Green RV 2014 Application is Now Open!

  Looking to break out of routine? Searching for the next steps? Or lost as @#$%, this is your chance to explore what’s out there.   Our Green RV Roadtrip sends people between the ages of 18-40 all over the country to speak with eclectic people who do what they love. Think of it as 6 weeks in an immersion tank of inspiration—an opportunity who to step outside your comfort zone and learn more about...

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Weekend Mix: Hobbies

Hey blogosphere, Hannah here, serving up a new weekend mix. Get pumped, because this week we’re talking about hobbies--the fun stuff! Our pastimes are often icing on the cake of life...little bits of sweetness that help us make it through the day. But our hobbies are also great clues about what we really love to do. What if you could spend all your time on your hobbies? What would you...

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Weekly Mixtape: “I think I can I think I can!”

Weekly Mixtape: “I think I can I think I can!” “I think I can. I think I can.” What’s your personal mantra during tough times? We all occasionally need a little extra push to keep us truckin’ along. This weekend playlist is all about perseverance--not giving up when the going gets tough.   Read More →

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Share Your Road launches! And we need you!

      Hello blogosphere,   I am excited to announce that this Friday, we are launching "Share Your Road" on Roadtrip Nation, a resource that will help young people on the road to self-discovery and meaningful careers. And we want you to be a part of it! It’s called “Share Your Road,” and it’s designed for professionals like you to pass on your life story and career insights to...

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Roadtrip Nation Safari!

Sometimes, the Internet inspires us. Too much? Never! Thank you Mashable for making this happen in our office.   Read More →

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99U Take Aways: Joshua Davis – The Pitfalls of Success

"You did it! Now go away."    Joshua Davis is an artist, web designer, technologist, author--and quite simply put, an all round bad ass (pardon our French). To say Joshua has experienced great successes would be an understatement. His work is in the Smithsonian, so he’s kind of a big deal.   Read More →

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Roadtrip Nation Weekly Challenge: May the Force be with You!

  Hello, Online Community!   I hope this month of May is finding you well! We decided May was a better month than ever to set a few community-driven challenges. After all, May the fourth brings out a special kind of power for the rest of the month—the kind of power that brings out the Jedi warrior in all of us.   Read More →

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