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Our Ultimate Commencement Speech

Graduation: there are so many things about that big event that you should be excited for, like celebrating with all of your friends, or basking in the relief of being done with the gargantuan task you’ve undertaken for the past however-many years. But there’s one part of graduation day that, admittedly, can get a bit overrated: the commencement speech. FYI: we’re huge fans of storytelling, and we’d never write off...

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Things No One Tells You About Life After Graduation

Graduation is right around the corner. Soon, the class of 2015 will be gliding across a stage, receiving their hard-earned diplomas, and hearing camera-happy parents yell “smile with your teeth!” as they’re captured in a moment of accomplishment in what looks like a formal Snuggie. If this describes you, congratulations! You have reason to celebrate. After all, it takes a great deal of drive to pore over books, pen research...

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13 Things that Scare the S*** out of 20-Somethings

Some anxieties persist throughout life: fear of spiders, discomfort with heights, having to take your laptop out of your bag at airport security and feeling SUCH TREMENDOUS PRESSURE TO DO IT IN .003 SECONDS because everyone is judging your zipping skills. Other worries are uniquely confined to your twenties. It’s a shaky stage, where something as mundane as picking out a phone plan triggers the impulse to call your mom...

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First-Gen Roadtrip: Final Thoughts

The First-Gen Roadtrip has officially come to a close and Jasmine, Jenny, Johnathan, and Felipe have all gone their separate ways. A collaboration between Roadtrip Nation and The College Board allowed these four first-generation college students the opportunity to travel the country and interview pioneering leaders who were also the first in their families to go to college. After all was said and done, the road-trippers spent 35 days on...

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Why Is College So Important?

  Our First-Gen Road-Trippers have been booking their interviews and preparing for a summer aboard the Green RV! All four have made education a priority in their lives, and are the first in their families to go to college. We asked each of them to share with us why they think college is so important, and here are their inspiring answers!   Jasmine: In my eyes, college is a chance...

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Introducing Our First-Gen Road-Trippers!

This summer, we're partnering with the College Board to offer four first-generation college-going students the chance to travel the country in our Green RV. These road-trippers are the first in their families to go to college, and they'll be interviewing inspiring professionals who were also first-generation college-going students. They'll start their 4-week journey in July, but before they take the wheel, here's a little bit of info to help you...

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Top 11 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Recent Grad

  Graduation is that crazy, exciting time when major change comes rushing at you, and there’s no pressing on the breaks. Our whole lives, we grow up being students. We think of time passing in terms of semesters. We mark endings with finals, and new beginnings with syllabi. After graduation, there are no term papers due or reading assignments to complete. There’s no more set path. Instead, there’s a long...

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Meet the Design Roadtrippers!

Hey blogosphere!   We are so, so pumped to introduce you to our newest team of Roadtrippers for the Design Roadtrip 2014: Sofaya, Martha, and Ben. These three will be traveling across the country this summer in our Green RV, interviewing leading design innovators all along the way. This will be our 13th summer hitting the road, and we can't wait!  Fun fact: Sofaya, Martha, and Ben will be our 73rd, 74th,...

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Roadie Jungle Weekly Wrap Up #4

Hello Blogverse,   Jungle here from the East Coast Roadie team!   This week was our busiest week on tour, with three college campuses in three different states. And though we had to be in many places in such short amounts of time, it worked to our advantage that all the campuses and students there were so awesome! Read More →

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Roadie Jungle Weekly Wrap up #3

Happy October, Blogosphere!   This is Christina with the East Coast Roadie team, here to give you the scoop on the awesome time that we had on the college campuses we visited in Pennslyvania and Washington D.C.! Read More →

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