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Things We Like To Do in Big Cities

Roadtrip Nation has meandered through most of the major cities in the US, and over the years we’ve accrued a lot of knowledge about where to go/eat/park a 35-foot vehicle. We like to think of ourselves as seasoned veterans of the road; sherpas of the pavement; stewards of turning down the absolute wrong street and stumbling upon an unreasonably delicious slice of pizza. We’ve logged over 10,000 miles on the...

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Roadtrip Nation Heads to CGI America with Chicago students!

As you've probably caught on by now, here at Roadtrip Nation, we live to meet innovative thinkers and hear their life stories. It’s the foundation of our ethos, our raison d'etre--and it makes us giddy with excitement! This week, our insight receptors are on extra high alert because we’re going to be attending the Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) meeting in Chicago! This event geared towards social innovation convenes...

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