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Get Interested: Four Easy Ways to Figure Out What You Love

Recently, our Facebook and Twitter accounts have been receiving an influx of questions along the lines of, “Hey, Roadtrip Nation: the people that you’ve interviewed have made awesome careers out of their interests, and that’s cool. should I do if I don’t have any interests?” This is an awesome question that everyone probably secretly asking themselves, so we’re just going to tackle it here! First things first, let’s make...

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The Best “Worst” Decisions You Can Make in Your Career

We’ve all been coached in the cardinal rules of getting and keeping a job. We know not to print copies of our resume on the company printer  and forget them in the tray. We know not to get unfathomably wasted at the company holiday party and show our HR director the tattoo on our inner thigh (even if represents, like, super profound symbolism). That said, some rules in life—like not eating cheese past 10 p.m.—are...

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