Season 11 Featured Musicians

October 30, 2014

Roadtrip Nation Season 11 Featured Musicians




Considering there’s a song by The Clox in almost every episode this season, we believe our affection for the band is apparent. They’re a group of guys from Kazakhstan who came to Brooklyn in hopes of getting the word out about their particular brand of alternative rock. Check out the music video for “Jules Verne” below! If you’ve been following our series, you’ve heard snippets of this track in episodes five, six and seven. We just can’t get enough.




To hear about bassist Igor Reznik’s road to becoming a musician, check out his Share Your Road Profile!




Son of Dov’s (or Dennis King’s) folksy, soft-spoken-yet-triumphant songs were a big hit around the Roadtrip offices. King works as a special education teacher alongside writing, recording and performing his music. His latest EP was released in August 2014 and is available here via Noisetrade. “King of the World” was one of the songs we featured this season, and you can see it performed live and acoustic below.




Check out his Share Your Road profile!




Singer-songwriter Jesse Terry’s music also makes an appearance in the series. We like Jesse a lot for his emphasis on intimacy in songwriting, and his ability to find strength in vulnerability. He’s the sort of guy we see being honest with himself and pursuing his dream, which is what our show is all about. Here’s a video of him performing his song “Grace on a Train,” which is featured on the current season of Roadtrip Nation.




Check out Jesse’s Share Your Road profile here!



Don’t let the pluralized name fool you! Paper Arrows is the stage name of Joe Goodkin, a lone-wolf kind of musician. That’s not to say that Joe hasn’t had his share of influencers and helping hands. He’s surrounded himself with plenty of other talented musicians, but these tracks are his and now they’re ours. If you’re keen on folksy love songs with vocabularies larger than “Hey!” and “Ho!,” then don’t miss out on Paper Arrows. Episode 2 features moments of the song “What Changed?,” and you can watch the full, official music video for it below! If you keep an ear out, the same song will show up a few times later in the series, too.




Make sure to read how Joe got to where he is today by checking out his Share Your Road profile.



Vince Maccarone is a composer and musician who can do just about anything. When we first heard his music, we were so impressed by how well he can assimilate different musical styles and make them work to his ends that we snatched up two of his songs,“Syncofunk” and “Save My Soul” for episodes 4 and 5 of Season 11. Vince loves a good fusion and he’s influenced by a jumble of genres, but his heart belongs primarily to world music. Hear him explain why and perform with his band, Los Variants, below.




Make sure to read Vince’s Share Your Road profile to hear his journey!

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