Roadtrip Nation: Season Seven DVD Now in the Store!

April 7, 2011


Whenever a delivery truck shows up at our office, we can’t wait to see what’s inside the boxes. So when a dozen boxes were dropped off and inside them we discovered the brand new DVDs of Roadtrip Nation: Season Seven, we were so excited!


This wraps up a two-year process beginning with the two teams of Roadtrippers making Cold-Calls back in April of 2009 and ending with our crew shipping off the final files of the Season Seven DVD to the printer earlier this year.


To have the episodes airing on TV, and now an available DVD to showcase all the hard work that went into making it, is a great feeling.  If you haven’t seen any of the episodes of Season Seven, here’s a snapshot…






These two Roadtrips have been made into a 10-episode series that originally aired on public television in fall 2010 (and is still airing in some cities). And now the episodes plus some never-before-seen bonus footage are available to take home on DVD! Visit our Store to get your copy — happy watching!








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