Roadtrip Nation Weekly May Challenge: May You Challenge Yourself to Do Good!

May 10, 2013

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This week, for our Roadtrip Weekly Challenge, we asked you to go out and do something for someone…anything.  If it’s sounding a little vague, well, that’s because the possibilities are limitless, and it’s all about finding those opportune moments to help someone out. Buy a stranger coffee, or make eye contact with someone and smile if you can tell they’re having a bad day. There’s nothing too small or too big you can do— get creative!


Helping people out can come in many forms. Check out this interview highlight of Roadtrip Nation Leader Lori Pappas, who found her own way to help out others.


Even before Lori became the CEO of Global Team for Local Initiatives, she always knew she was meant to do something to help other people. Her mission every day is to help indigenous people of an Ethiopian tribe acquire the resources and skills that will ensure the long-term survival of one of the world’s oldest cultures.


So, if you choose to accept this challenge, make sure to send us some photos, videos, or a description of what you did for the week’s challenge, and remember to include #RTNChallenge.


Good luck, and may the Green RV “force” be with you!



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