Roadtrip Nation and America’s Promise Alliance

November 10, 2010

Annie and I just returned from Hershey, Pa., where we participated in Building a Grad Nation, a symposium put on by the America’s Promise Alliance at the incredible Milton Hershey School.


At the symposium, we had the pleasure to meet with student recipients of the My Idea grants as well as the Alliance Featured Communities. The kids were incredible!


When we arrived at the school, we sneaked a peek at students from all over the country interacting with one another and participating in an activity where they expressed their own ideas about why students drop out. It was so amazing to see what ‘drop out’ means to the ones it affects the most; and it was equally amazing to hear the ideas the students had about how to fix the problem. It was such an honor to participate and experience firsthand the work being done by community leaders, school districts, policy makers, and students who are all committed to ending the dropout crisis.


Equally inspiring were the representatives of the 12 Alliance Featured Communities who dedicate their lives every day to helping kids in their local areas follow their dreams. We are so excited to work with one of the Alliance Featured Communities this year, Oakland, Calif., as we bring The Roadtrip Nation Experience to the youth of that city. We are grateful to be a part of such an incredible network of people, organizations, and communities who also believe in empowering youth to define their own roads in life.


– Brian McAllister, Co-Founder, and Annie Mais, Education Director


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