Roadie Tour: Week 2 Recap!

October 23, 2013

Hello again from the road! Roadie Emmercelle here with your weekly fun update; because it’s a new week and we are fun and this is our update. Yay!

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It was an action-packed week – this week kicked off our first week of events! Maaaan, we were nervous, but on the whole, very excited. We just wanted to do a good job! Thankfully, Molly and Brian came out from Roadtrip Nation HQ to guide us through that first week.

Turns out, all our pre-event jitters were unfounded because Richardson High School treated us like kings and queens at our first event! Great school, great energy from the students – couldn’t have asked for more!

High School EventAfter a successful event in which we got students excited about exploring their interests, we decided to celebrate, and made our way to downtown Dallas that night to do some exploring. Even better, our partners at AT&T treated us to a fun pizza dinner!


_LOL3421 _LOL3419

The rest of the week was filled with events at different high schools throughout Texas. On our end, we worked hard to try to improve as much as we could with every new event. At the end of the day, though, it was so inspiring getting to talk to the students at each high school, and to hear about their stories and about their aspirations.

image15 image13  image4 image3



Also, ugh, you’ll be happy to hear that we had the fun of flushing out all of the gray & black water out of the RV for the first time. When I say that it was fun I mean that it was the exact opposite.


image17 image18


Buuut, we did manage to adventure on (!!!) in between cleaning out the RV and our great high school events, hah. Here are some of our highlights from the places we went to –

We found McKinney to be quite quaint and lovely.The southern hospitality down here is a sweet change for this California girl.

image6 image5



While in Dallas, we paid a visit to the Texas State Fair! It was massive, and we almost got lost walking around! We ate lots of bad food and enjoyed our time in the sun. Oh yeah, we also saw pig races! Though those little piggies ran so fast, we couldn’t get a good picture.

image9 image8

_LOL3488 _LOL3498

Fort Worth really made us feel like we were in a Texas western movie. We were charmed.




With the weekend came some free time! First, on a recommendation from a trusty source, we stopped by Gruene and tried out Gristmill River Restaurant. It was once an old cotton gin, way long ago. Now it’s just a gorgeous restaurant with delicious food. The area around it really entranced us.

IMG_4153 IMG_4166 IMG_4162





Finally, we made it out to Austin late Friday night. We all enjoyed the nuances that Austin had to offer – it is such a vibrant city. We did a lot, from visiting the capitol building to checking out 6th Street to watching “Gravity” at the Alamo Drafthouse (look it up, WONDERFUL movie theatre), to watching thousands of bats go out to feed at dusk. Austin, you were so good to us.

_LOL3514 IMG_4216 IMG_4241 IMG_4267 IMG_4273 IMG_4277 IMG_4305 IMG_4445

That’s it for now! And without further ado, some words from our resident sage, Conner:


“Look, Em, I can’t be funny on command. It just comes. That’s just something you’re gonna have to understand.” – Connerism #2

We’re in Texas for another week, and we’re glad to be here. Until next time, folks!

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