Roadie Recap Week 6

November 18, 2013

My my my, fancy seeing you here.




Roadie Emmercelle reporting from Columbus, Ohio, as the RV gets serviced and ready to GO for our trip back to California. Let me tell you about the roads of Ohio–maaaan, is it beautiful.

This past week marked our very last week of events. Coming into our fifth week on the road, we all were amped to give the last set of events our all, but we were also looking to re-energize, so up until the weekend we kept it pretty mellow.


On Tuesday we had an early event in Newfane, New York.


Right after our event, we got out to the little town of Lyndonville, New York, with the intention of resting and relaxing.


We spent the whole day napping, reading, and laying around. It. Was. Glorious.


Following a great event on Wednesday in Lyndonville, we drove out to Irondequoit, New York. We grabbed some meals, hit up the gym, and hung out. Andrew even got to see “The Butler.” His review? “Ehh…it was a good movie.”


Thursday’s event in Irondequoit wrapped up without a hitch, and even gave us our best Cold-Call of the tour! To the young man who was interested in graphic design, you were great.


Without further ado, we set out to take on the 7+ hour drive out to New York, New York, the great NYC.

We called the office and consulted with several maps and our handy friend Google to see what the best way to get into the city was without having to sacrifice the top of the RV. Yeah, tunnels into the city were NOT an option.

We ended up taking the Washington Bridge in and, surprisingly–maybe even magically–found parking right away.

On the way to NYC, I was enticed by this sign. Alas, they didn’t have any pumpkin doughnuts. I felt deceived. I got a regular doughnut instead.


Conner finally made it home! We stayed the night at his super cute place. It was cool to see his world! He has three locks on his door, and at first it was a puzzle to get in and figure out which lock to turn when, but we got in!

Since I was going out of town the next day and Conner was staying in NYC, we had our last dinner together on Thursday night.


After dinner, we each went off and saw some old friends. We all got to see some of NYC that we hadn’t seen before.


Friday brought us our last and final event, and we couldn’t have asked for a better one. We loved the connections we made with the students, and the way they interacted with us.


Immediately after the event, I rushed downtown to NYC to catch a bus to the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area to meet up with friends and family.

The other members of the team went off on their own, too– Kim and Andrew were eager to get a taste of what NYC is like, since they’re both considering moving there.



As for me, I love DC. It’s my favorite city. I love the history, the government, the feeling of movement and ambition in the city. I would ideally go to law school here. Here are some highlights from my weekend, from both Baltimore and DC:



Monday morning we met back up at the RV. Shout out to Edwards A. Reynolds West Side High School for letting us park the RV at the school all weekend! It was a huge help not to have to worry about it for those couple of days.


We said our goodbyes to Conner, who stayed behind at home in NYC.



We already miss him.

Tired but happy, we began the long drive back west. The plan for last night was to head out to Columbus, Ohio, but while I was driving in the rain our windshield wipers stopped working–yeah, super dangerous–and we had to pull off in a random town. It was freezing, and when we woke up in the morning there was snow everywhere.



Now we’re on the road again, looking to make it to Kim’s hometown of Urbana, Illinois. We’ll get to sleep indoors tonight, which is great because I know we’ve all been feeling the beginning of a cold affecting us. Yep, you better believe that we’re going through our box of Emergen-C real quick!

And although Conner is back in NYC, his words continue on with us:


“Remember. Remember me. Look, okay, I want you to tell people what I did today.” – Connerism #6.

One more week of us! I know, I know–you’ll really miss us. It’s okay. We’ll miss you too, but let’s just cherish our time together while we can.

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