Roadie Recap Week 4

November 4, 2013

Why, hello there. 






Yes, again, it’s roadie Emmercelle to show you the interesting little pockets of the world…or at least what we’ve seen on our roadtrip, hah. As I sit here, I am surrounded by the comforting smells of fresh laundry. Yep, you’ve guessed it – we’re out in a laundromat in Cookeville, TN. Clean clothes, yaaaay. You have no idea.


Anyway, we spent last week in Florida. Lauren from the office flew out and got to help out and join in the fun! Florida weather changed its mind every day. One day it was humid and sunny, another it was cloudy and rainy.


Overall, the pace was mellow and the events were great. We were lucky enough to meet some characters during our visit to the Sunshine State.


This week we felt like we got to connect more to the students, which is always the goal. At one school we even staged a singing circle, and did some parking lot races! Conner won. He was too fast, we didn’t get any good pictures!


We wanted to take advantage of being in Florida, so we took some time during the week to do some pretty Florida-type things. Of course, there was more beach playing. On Wednesday in Melbourne I even got to relax and write and have breakfast right by the beach, which is literally all I could ask for.


On the way out of Melbourne we made a stop for a swamp ride. It was so fascinating to me – I mean, of course I knew that there ARE swamps, but it was absolutely crazy to see it, and be in it. With the scenery, the wind, the water, and the horses (who knew?), we were all pretty enthralled by the experience.



Thursday was the day that were were all waiting for. Lauren, Andrew, and I are really big Harry Potter fans, and we were hoping to make our way to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. AND, thanks to some help from our AT&T Orlando Representative, Troy, we were able to do so free of cost! Thank you Troy!



I…I wished I could have just stayed and lived there. I almost want to turn back now, still, and try to live there. You think they’d let me? Sigh. Anyway, I could write the entire blog about our experience, but I will spare you the Harry Potter super-fan freak-out. Here are some really cool pictures instead.




Our fun in Florida ended on Friday. We took the trek north to Georgia, and were immediately charmed by the Peach State…hey, now that I think about it, we didn’t have any peaches. What a shame.


Savannah was our destination of choice for the weekend. We tested out the scene on Friday night, got too tired, and went home to the RV immediately. The next day and a good night’s sleep gave us more luck. We thought about doing a tour…then walked by a Vespa shop and oh, it was over.


(Note: We did not use this particular vespa, but we did appreciate it very much). We were like our own little vespa gang, and we went to visit a beautiful old cemetery, Bonaventure Cemetary, in Savannah. 


We got a tip from one of the volunteers at the cemetery, and on Sunday went to the absolutely gorgeous Wormsloe Plantation.



This place is chalk-full of Georgia history. We walked around and got a real feel for what it was like back then. It was crazy. For me, it was crazy to think about all that was here before us, and all that will be here after us.

IMG_5154Today we had our first and only event in Georgia – Marietta, GA, to be exact. IMG_5169

This week kicks off our only 5-event week. Sounds really tough & a bit exhausting, but we can do it. I’ll be sure to let you know how it went next week.


Without further ado, the one, the only, Conner FitzGerald:



“Every day is a holiday, every meal is a feast.” – Connerism #4.



Farewell for now!

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