Roadie Jungle Weekly Wrap up #3

October 17, 2012

Happy October, Blogosphere!


This is Christina with the East Coast Roadie team, here to give you the scoop on the awesome time that we had on the college campuses we visited in Pennslyvania and Washington D.C.!

We started the week off at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Our team was a little worried about the weather, as it was cloudy and rainy that morning, but it gave us an awesome opportunity to set up inside Arcadia’s Grey Towers Castle. That’s right, a CASTLE! Arcadia University has an absolutely beautiful castle that Arcadia University bought in 1929. We had a blast talking to students about their paths in their lives, about the state of education in our country, and also about the many ghost stories involving the castle. Although the weather outside was gloomy, this was definitely not the case inside the castle!


From there, we headed over to Reading, Pennsylvania to awesome Alvernia University. What was really amazing about Alvernia was how willing the students were to just have their voices heard. Students very openly and honestly shared their thoughts and opinions about education, as well as their own stories about how they were defining their own Roads in life. It was a great experience getting to know the students and having them get to know both Roadtrip Nation and the Don’t Forget Ed Campaign!


We then drove from Reading to Washington, D.C. I personally hadn’t been to Washington D.C. since an 8th grade field trip, and Justin, another one of our team members, had never visited D.C. at all. In general, D.C. is a pretty amazing place, so we were all extremely excited to be there. We had a blast at American University talking to the students about where they had been, where they were, and where they wanted to go, as well as the many wonderful things that the Green RV and Roadtrip Nation had to offer. Students at American also continued to voice their strong thoughts about U.S. Education on our chalkboards and in our testimonial booth.


After the awesome event at American, we spent the weekend at The National Mall, visiting the various monuments and museums.  It was amazing seeing the nation’s capital as an adult and even more so as one who had taken up photography as a hobby; there was just so much to see and do in Washington D.C.! Our favorite site that weekend had to be the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. The Hirshhorn Museum showcases contemporary and modern art and sculpture, and we all just fell in love! Although there were so many more things we wanted to see at Washington D.C., it’s now time for us to head to the next state for our next event.


A huge thank you to all the students who came out to talk and share with us about their stories, passions, and thoughts on education! We had a blast!


Until next time…

Virginia, here we come!




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