Our new Roadtrippers are here!

June 25, 2012




The time has come, and our wonderful crew of roadtrippers, Zachariah, Megan, and Jackie have arrived and are getting ready to take off today to start their Roadtrip. They’re about to embark on a 7-week journey across the country, and they’ll be interviewing fascinating and influential Leaders from across the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Today we send them off, but I want to share a bit about their first visit to Roadtrip headquarters yesterday. I’ve met them first-hand, and I can tell you for a fact, these are some cool cats, and I have no doubt that after their roadtrip, they will be impacting the world in huuuuge ways.


We made sure to welcome the Roadtrippers with our world-renowned umbrella crew, and a cheering office to make them feel at home; then took a little family photo in front of “Ellie”, the RV that they’ll call home for the next 7 weeks.


Zachariah, Megan, and Jackie were then introduced to the whole office, where we met up in couchland, let ‘em know how important they were for the movement, and shared all the food stops we wanted to make sure they hit up while on the road.


Then came our annual pre-Roadtrip Bonfire at the beach, complete with the s’mores, Bocce Ball, and the whole crew hanging out relaxed before the big trip! Check out the photos from their time here in the office and the bonfire, and also make sure you follow and track their whole Roadtrip on their twitter @GreenRV


We’ll be posting more updates as they journey along their Roadtrip, so keep your eyes peeled!




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