Missed Veronica Belmont on Roadtrip Nation Live?

May 24, 2012

We had an amazing time speaking with Veronica Belmont, host of web series Tekzilla and podcast Sword and Laser. I feel very fortunate to have heard her story. Usually, people don’t get opportunities to be reminded that sometimes life will take you down a road that’s unknown, but somehow it all works out for the best.


It was nice to finally get my geek swagger back! We love meeting people who aren’t afraid to show their inner geek proudly! Check out the whole live show right here:



Watch live streaming video from roadtripnation at livestream.com



Listen to Veronica’s podcast Sword and Laser here: http://www.swordandlaser.com/


Or watch her on Tekzilla on Revision3:  http://revision3.com/tekzilla


Do it!

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