Meet the Crew: Hannah’s her name, and note-taking is her game.

March 19, 2013

Here at Roadtrip Nation, we all have job titles and super important official-type things we do on a daily basis. But after being here for a few weeks, I’ve noticed that most of the staff have hidden talents or after-work activities that are impressive, to say the least. So, I decided to crash our development department to see if I could uncover any of those hidden gems.


What I found was Hannah, a chirpy former Roadtripper who drank the Kool-Aid here at Roadtrip, and now she’s a staff member! As the strategic partnership manager at Roadtrip Nation, Hannah travels the country meeting with other innovative people in education to find cool ways to collaborate and join forces in making Education better, while extending the mission of Roadtrip Nation.


But Hannah’s awesomeness doesn’t stop there. She is a past Roadtripper from Season Eight, plays guitar and sings. Did we mention she was a weather correspondent in South Korea?! NBD (no big deal).


She’s full of those hidden talents, and one in particular has surfaced in the last couple of weeks that is quite intriguing.  Hidden underneath a pile of papers on Hannah’s desk are colorful and imaginative collages with words and images scribbled all over. Those vibrant pieces of paper were her notes from a conference she had attended a couple weeks prior. See, Hannah doesn’t take notes like most people.  Just check out the pictures below and see what she came up with at the conference.


Apparently, there is a name for this unique skill: graphic note-taking, or graphic facilitation.She says that graphic note-taking triggers different things in her brain and helps her to retain information.


“It’s all about imagination and bringing imagination into what you’re learning,” Hannah says as she proudly holds up her creation.



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