Meet Roadtripper Ed!

April 9, 2013

Roadtrip Nation Roadtripper Ed


Ed is one of our newest Roadtrippers. He’s from a small town in England, and he’s ready to get off the island and explore. Get to know Ed as he tells us more about his thoughts on the upcoming Roadtrip, what he hopes to get out of it, and the one thing he just can’t leave home without.



Why do you want to go on the Roadtrip? What are you hoping to gain from it?

My main hope is to gain the courage to take what I want for my career. Like a lot of people, I’ve found it easiest to slip into whatever job becomes available and I haven’t made the effort to pursue a career I would actually love and enjoy. This is my chance to learn how to do that from an incredible range of people who are the best at what they do, and know what it is that they love. The idea of traveling across America is also awesome!



Furthest you’ve traveled/longest road trip?

For me, my longest trip would have to be a 5-week expedition in the Arctic circle in Greenland. It wasn’t a road trip, but it was pretty intense and hard going. Well worth it for the arctic mountain views though, and of course the Northern Lights!



Biggest fear?

The uncertainty of what’s beneath your feet when you’re swimming in the sea. That, and Monopoly (I was once hospitalized playing it).



Finish this sentence: I can’t leave for the Roadtrip without my…

Camera – There are going to be so many amazing photo opportunities that it’s easily the most important item I own!



Do you have a keepsake/memento from home you’re bringing with you?

For me, this would have to be my photos of friends and family that I have in my wallet. Plus, maybe some mementos of English food, like a jar of Marmite.



Name person in the US you most want to book an interview with this summer?

A tough one, but I would love to speak to Richard Branson (another Brit) about the Virgin Galactic commercial space program he’s trying to get going in New Mexico at the moment. He’s a colorful character with an extremely successful career stretching across lots of different areas. Alternatively, an interview with Adam Steltzner (the lead engineer on NASA’a Curiosity Rover mission) would be pretty enlightening! Failing that, how about Jonathan Ives, the man who has been responsible for the most iconic designs this century designing the iPod and much of the Apple family!


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