Meet Olivia our newest Roadtripper!

April 2, 2013

Olivia our newest Roadtripper


Olivia, Ed, and Tele’jon will be heading out in the GreenRV this summer to take on the Open Road. But until they pack up their bags, let’s get to know them a little better. We caught up with Olivia to ask her a few questions about her life and the upcoming trip.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.


Living by the values I believe in is really important to me, and that includes living locally and making fun happen. My life is set up so that I walk every place I need to go, like college or the movie theater. Walking is my favorite thing to do because it introduces me to random people to talk to, which is my second favorite thing to do.


As a teenager, I studied a few years of engineering and that landed me a lot of jobs in the industry working as support staff. I didn’t finish graduating at the time, so I did small drafting projects but never major engineering. Engineering led me to work for military contractors, after which I thought it was a good idea to join the military. So I did that. After the military, I traveled all over the United States to decompress by volunteering at various landmarks like aquaponics farms, Buddhist centers, life development centers, and communal cities. This was a great way for me to slow down and process some of my experiences.


Throughout all of my years, my goal has been to live a life I truly believe in and can wake up happy to. Now that I’ve settled in one city, I’m still doing that. I recently quit my job to focus on finding a career that I enjoy. While I work as a project leader for a college aquaponics team part-time (fun!), I am particularly interested in operating a business. I am getting closer to making that leap.


Place you want to see the most on the trip?


Montana. It’s one place I have never been and would really love to see the mountains there…okay, I really want to see a rancher, near a mountain backdrop, herding cattle like in the western movies. You know, if you want to get specific.


Biggest fear?


Getting distracted from living according to my values of creating a happy rambunctious life.

Why do you want to go on the Roadtrip? What are you hoping to gain from it?


This answer is developing during the application process. I’m a travel junkie so being able to travel for educational purposes is amazing. I speak to so many students, myself included, that are seeking encouragement to continue taking major steps in life. Being a part of a movement that hunts down true wisdom – WOW – that’s insane in a good way! Of course I must be a part of this. Wisdom is so rare and we forget that each of our journeys is unique and inspiring. I want to be a part of capturing that and then sharing it with others.


As for representing Roadtrip Nation and University of Phoenix, they are doing education in a revolutionary way. They are each breaking open traditions and recreating valuable curricula that apply to a modern era. I find it fascinating. After working for major corporations, it’s apparent that our traditional education is not equipping us with useful skills. Being on this Roadtrip is being a part of a new system of behavior that not only gives us the mindset for contributing to society; it also gives us practical wisdom, critical thinking, and intense motivation–all essential to life.


For my own gain, I would like to have fun, meet new people, gain encouragement for life changes, and learn some of the logistics of starting a business while living by my values.

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