Meet James: He’s More Than Meets the Eye

April 16, 2013


Photo by Bobby Lee

It’s surprising how only a little bit of digging around has led me to unearth yet another hidden staff talent here at Roadtrip Nation headquarters.


James, AKA Jeff Coleman, works behind the scenes here at Roadtrip Nation in the web department and has one of the coolest T-shirt collections around. However, when James is off the clock, he’s at home hammering away on an old typewriter (okay, it’s most likely a computer, but we’re talking fantasy here ) and getting carried away in an imaginary world inside his head.


James says that he’s “very attracted to otherworldly, fantasy-like things,” so his first short story is a natural extension of his interests and background.  James is a storyteller at heart and his book, The Sign, explores an uncanny place where a father and daughter duo gets more than they bargained for when riding an old-fashioned merry-go-round.


His book is available through Amazon, and keep an eye out for James’ work in the near future. He’s got another one in the works!


With all these hidden gems being discovered, it’s nice to see the staff here at Roadtrip Nation pursuing passions outside the workplace and doing  things that they love.




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