Meet the Crew: Say Hello to Scotty!

October 17, 2013

Star Wars

What’s up everyone? I’m Scotty and I’m the new PHP Developer here at Roadtrip Nation. I am a self-taught programmer who has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and another bachelor’s in 3D animation. Sounds like I knew what I wanted to do with my life, right? Which is why I love what Roadtrip Nation does and why I can’t wait to help in their mission. If I knew about Roadtrip Nation when I was in high school or college, I probably would have defined my road a little better. But you know what? I’m pretty darn happy making applications for the web, so I think things worked out just fine.


Some things to know about me:


1) I’m a somewhat new Dad, my kiddo is 15 months old. It has been quite a life experience learning to be a dad and I’ve loved almost minute of it (I didn’t enjoy the extreme lack of sleep for a few months there, but the little guy is sleeping through the night now, so YAY!!!!). Some of the best parts of my day are being with my family and playing with him.


Scott being a Dad!


2) I’m a HUGE Geek. I love everything from video games, Anime, comics, sci-fi, you name it. I love getting lost in all different universes. There are so many stories out there, it’s hard to keep up.


So that’s a quick bit about me. I’m super excited to be a part of this team and contribute to the mission. We do some pretty cool stuff here.

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