How to Introduce Adventure Into Your Everyday Life

February 25, 2016

No matter how fulfilling, engaging, exciting or innovative your job may be, chances are that you’ve had a period in your working life where you’ve fallen into a rut and found yourself doing the same things over and over, day after day. Line up 31 of those boring days in a row, throw in an unreasonable, borderline absurd amount of cloudy, rainy dreariness, and you’ve got the month of March.


March is long, it’s grey, and unfortunately, it contains exactly none of the presidents’ birthdays—at least none of the cool presidents—which means that most of us will have the privilege of experiencing it in glorious five-day work weeks. But if you’re already tempted to kick off March 2016 by dipping into your paid time off, staying home and re-watching every season of Seinfeld (again), perhaps it’s time to introduce a little bit of risk into your life to keep things exciting. To get you started, we’ve put together five unconventional ways to add a touch of adventure to your everyday worklife:



1. Take the long route to work.

Apparently, gas companies will soon be pumping out something called a “summer blend,” which is just fancy faux-Starbucks code for expensive gasoline. Basically, you have until April 1 to hit the road, or suffer the guilt of never having taken advantage of these insultingly low gas prices. If you can’t devote yourself to a long road trip (and really, who can?), give yourself 15 extra minutes in the morning to take that third Google Maps route—the one that you usually laugh off. Or, on your commute home, see if you can get yourself thoroughly off-track, then try to find your way home without resorting to your girl Siri for help.


2. Talk to a stranger.

Alternatively, if you use public transportation, strike up a conversation with the person next to you; it’ll throw off their whole day because who does that?! Bonus points if you break the ice with something incredibly unsettling. Might we recommend, “Beware the Ides of March”?


3. Turn off your phone and swear off social media for a day.

We don’t even mean this in that stodgy old “you millennials are always looking at your dang phones” way. It’s just that the literally most exciting thing you can possibly do in this day and age is to live completely text- and social-media-free. Go the whole day experiencing the terror that comes with living off the grid. You’ll essentially be experiencing life through the eyes of Leo’s character in The Revenant. 


4. Join a trivia team with your coworkers.

The more competitive among us will recognize “trivia night” and “coworkers” as two separate entities that should never, ever mix. Trivia tends to bring out the worst in people—if you’re winning, your ego is enormous; if you’re losing, everyone around you becomes “dead weight that’s just dragging you down, man!” This idea will either bring out the true project manager in you, or devolve into a disaster. Very exciting, either way.


5. Make an adventurous food choice at lunch.

Get the spiciest salsa on your Mexican food, try your coworker’s strange-smelling homemade casserole, or visit that sketchy strip-mall sushi place down the street. Then just sit back and see how the rest of the day goes.




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