Hannah Here, Saying “Hey!”

September 19, 2013

Hey blogosphere! My name is Hannah and I’m the new social media intern here at Roadtrip Nation. As a bit of an introduction, I’d like to tell you all about the things that make me tick. Firstly, I love to dance, and have been groovin’ since the age of five. Additionally, I’m a big fan of travel. This summer I spent my time wandering around Asia, and as a junior in college I studied abroad in Cape Town. Finally here are some fun (somewhat irrelevant) facts about me: my favorite color is magenta, I can lick my elbow, and I love to make guacamole. That’s me, in a nutshell!


I’ve lived in Atlanta for the past 20 years, and just arrived in southern California three days ago. So, why travel all the way across the country for an internship? I’m just that jazzed about Roadtrip Nation! I’ve been hooked since 2012, when the Green RV stopped at Emory and one of the roadies told me about the video archive. When I was offered this internship, I jumped at the chance- even though it meant driving here all the way from Atlanta. Starting this experience with a roadtrip of my own felt appropriate- it served as a little reminder that life’s all about the journey.


I’m pumped to be a member of this team for awhile. Inspiration is basically leaping off the walls here in the office, and I’m just trying to soak it all in. I’ll be sharing more with you all in the months ahead as I write blogs and share content, but I just wanted to say hello and show you a few pictures from the road in the meantime.




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