First Team of Season Eight Roadtrippers Finish Their Roadtrip!

November 14, 2011

This weekend the final episode of team Crazy, Babbling, Sunshine’s Roadtrip premieres in Los Angeles! In this episode Hannah, Nika, and Antoine wrap up their six-week cross-country journey in New York City.


Reaching the final destination of a Green RV Roadtrip is always a momentous occasion. For the Roadtrippers, and the filmers, it’s a chance to exhale and reflect on the journey we’ve just been on. Sitting down and talking with each of the Roadtrippers about how the Roadtrip impacted them is a highlight of my year. Of course, it’s exciting to know that we don’t have to wake up early to film a sunrise or drive 500 miles to the next city.


Along Hannah’s journey, she kept a blog. Here’s an excerpt from her last entry about the end of her Roadtrip:


As our adventures in Chicago drew to a close, we trekked to New York City. Everyone has probably heard the hype and stories about New York, and we have to say that the City lived up to our expectations! We interviewed an amazing array of people. First up was Ariel Helwani, a famous Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) reporter. Antoine loves MMA–to say that he was ecstatic about this interview would be a huge understatement! Then we were off to interview Cecil Scheib, a co-founder of Dancing Rabits eco-village who now runs a huge recycling program at New York University. Rounding out our interviews was a visit with Soledad O’Brien, a well-known reporter with CNN.”


Roadtrippers with CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien



To get more inside looks into team Crazy, Babbling, Sunshine’s Roadtrip, read Hannah’s blog. And to get route info, extra web interviews, photos and more, go to the team’s Roadtrip Profile.


Of course, the end of the Roadtrip is only the beginning of new adventures for Hannah, Nika, and Antoine. As for me and the other filmer, Jason, we still had to drive Norm the Green RV 3,000 miles back to the Roadtrip Nation Headquarters in Southern California. We made it five days later, only after breaking down once in the Nevada desert. Norm hasn’t left California since.


Norm broken down in the Nevada desert



Be sure to watch the the end of episode eight to see where they are now—more than a year later. But don’t fret, there’s more to come. Next week kicks off the first of four episodes of Carolyn, Denise, and Sarah’s Roadtrip. So, don’t forget to check your local airtimes!



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