First Look at Roadtrip Nation Season Eight

August 31, 2011


Hey, I’m Dan Ford, filmer and producer for Roadtrip Nation, and today I’m here to share something that I’ve been anxiously awaiting to share for over a year now. So, let me take you back in time to last year in August…

My compadre/filmer, Jason Manion, and I filmed three Roadtrippers park Norm the Green RV in N.Y.C and board flights home after spending six weeks on the Road interviewing more than 20 amazing Leaders. Jason and I put the cameras away and drove Norm almost 3,000 miles back to Roadtrip Nation Headquarters in California. We returned with hundreds of hours of footage that we had filmed over the 40-day Roadtrip.


Since then, we’ve been editing last summer’s incredible journey with team Crazy, Babbling, Sunshine into eight episodes, as well as four episodes from team Here, There and Everywhere’s Roadtrip two years ago. These two team’s Roadtrips make up our Season Eight of Roadtrip Nation!


The 12 episodes are nearly complete and ready to broadcast across the country on public television stations beginning late September. So, with the premiere so close we’re happy to release the trailer for Roadtrip Nation: Season Eight.






This new season of Roadtrip Nation follows two teams of Roadtrippers who travel coast to coast in our Green RVs to define their own Roads in life. Along the way, the Roadtrippers book interviews with Leaders such as Soledad O’Brien, CNN news anchor; Craig Robinson, actor on the NBC series The Office; Gale Gand, pastry chef and host on the Food Network; Todd McFarlane, creator of the comic book series Spawn; Judge Penny Brown Reynolds, star of the reality TV show Family Court with Judge Penny; and Hannah Song, president of Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), a nonprofit that helps North Korean refugees. This season also captures some major obstacles that the teams face—one of which nearly ends their Roadtrip altogether.



We hope you’re as excited to watch Season Eight as we are! Don’t forget to share the trailer on Facebook and Twitter.



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