First-Gen Roadtrip: Favorite Moments

July 31, 2014

The First-Gen Roadtrip is well on its way! The team has covered a lot of mileage, and interviewed some amazing folks along the way. We asked each of the road-trippers to share a little bit about their favorite experiences from the road thus far:




My favorite experience so far has been whitewater rafting. I rode the bull, which means that I sat in front of the raft as we cut through the high whirlpools and white waters. Our instructor told the group, “At least one person will fall in today,” and sure enough, I was the only one who fell and I did so twice! I banged up my knee and legs on the rocks and the water punished me for a couple seconds, but it was an exhilarating experience.


My favorite food is a tie between Dooky Chase’s Restaurant in New Orleans and The Grill From Ipanema in Seattle. Dooky Chase’s Restaurant was the first time I have ever eaten Creole, and it was absolutely amazing! At 92 years young, Chef Leah Chase still prepares the food herself every morning and this love and care put into the food made the experience that much better. The restaurant has a unique vibe because of the individuals who have eaten here. Chef Leah Chase, the same woman who cooked and conversed with Martin Luther King, President Obama, Ray Charles, Thurgood Marshall, and the Freedom Writers also did the same for us.

Dooky Chase



My favorite experience so far is a tie between our interview with Nikki Cooley and the bungee jump. Nikki mentors Native American youth and works on preserving tribal culture and knowledge. We met her at the bottom of a sacred mountain Flagstaff, which infused our conversation with a sacred, spiritual vibe that I will never forget!


As for bungee jumping, I’ve honestly never felt so free. Taking the leap off the bridge and seeing the river rush up to my face was the best feeling in the world.


My favorite food was either Meso Maya in Dallas or Dooky Chase’s restaurant in New Orleans. I’m a sucker for homemade gumbo.




My favorite experience so far would just be going to new places. I never thought that I would be able to travel across the country, so every experience to me is eye-opening and expanding my borders.


My favorite food was at Meso Maya. They had the best avocado chicken salad! It was perfect.

Jasmine explores

This trip has changed me in ways I never thought possible. So far, my favorite experience has been whitewater rafting in Tennessee.


My favorite food was the Southern Mexican food at Meso Maya in Dallas.


Roadtrip Nation has partnered with the College Board to offer these four first-generation college-going students the opportunity to travel the country in our Green RV. We can’t wait to see what transpires next!


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