Design Roadtrip: Photos from the Road

July 22, 2014

Wondering what the Design Roadtrip team has been up to? Here are some snapshots from the road!




The team visited Montana and was impressed with the amazing views.


Montana 2

Sunsets are better when viewed from the top of the Green RV!


Roadtrip Nation in Montana 3

Beware: beautiful sunsets may cause excited arm gestures.


Roadtrip Nation visits the Grand Tetons

After driving through the Tetons, they made their way towards Yellowstone National Park.


Roadtrip Nation Visits Yellowstone

Yellowstone was EPIC.


Roadtrip Nation Visits Old Faithful

Oh hey there, Old Faithful!


Roadtrip Nation Visits Red Rock

While driving through Colorado, they took a break at Red Rock Amphitheater to stretch their legs…and found a few people doing the same.



They then made the drive towards Texas (and did some serious snacking along the way). One of the filmers for the trip, Willie, was the mastermind behind this “M&M trail mix.”




Because the team loves collecting life advice, they decided do some “man on the street” style interviews in Austin.



And Ben dove head-first into Barton Springs.



That’s all for now! The road-trippers said that it was SUPER hot down south, but they are in great spirits! Stay tuned for more from their journey.

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