Design-Inspired Gifts 2012

December 11, 2012

Hello friends,


Design team here, ready to be your helper elves in finding unique gifts this holiday season.


As graphic artists (and avid internet rummagers), we spend the better part of our days seeking out and ogling pretty things. So, we’ve decided to scour the net and show you all the products that are currently making us squee like middle-schoolers at a Justin Bieber concert.


Whether you’re shopping for a budding designer, or you just want to give the gift of good design to discerning friends and family, we hope this guide will bring smiles to all the people on your ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ lists.


Enjoy, and happy hunting!


Ryan’s Gift Suggestions:


1. Blueprint Placemats 

Placemats are highly overrated these days—if you’re going to use them, at least use ones that are really awesome to look at. And if you’ve ever wondered what fork and spoon goes where, then this neat little placemat lets you know!


2. Instacube 


Instagram has become so widely popular over the past couple of years that it was only a matter of time before something like the Instacube came out. Sync your Instagram photos right to the cube? Yes, please!


3. Model One Radio


Retro will always be cool. Whether it’s sports jerseys or sun glasses, throwbacks always seem to be in. The Model One radio is no different. Constructed to look like an old first-generation radio, it is both stylish and functional.



4. Urban Shelf


I’m a sucker for quirky interior design. That’s the reason I love this urban-style shelf. Only to be used in moderation, this cool shelf brings the city right into your home.



Tawny’s Gift Suggestions:


1. Linocut Holiday Cards


I really like making stuff for my friends and family for the holidays and special occasions.  It’s difficult for me to find something unique to buy each person, so it’s much easier for me to make something for everyone. This year, I did a little hand-lettering exercise and this is what came out. I’m printing this art onto various paper stocks to make unique cards for friends and family. Here is a cool tutorial on how to do something like this yourself:



2. Portable Turntables


So, I’m a HUGE music fan, and over the last few years, I’ve been digging deeper into my vinyl collection. I’m lucky to have my dad’s old stereo equipment and my grandpa’s turntable to pull the whole set together, but what do you do when you’re not at home? I’ve been seeing some cool vintage style portable turntables. A quick Google search shows these turntables available at:



Mod Cloth

New Egg

Urban Outfitters


I would be super stoked to get one of these this xmas.



3. Support your Cause


This year, I’ve seen a lot of designers asking friends and family to donate to cause as a gift  instead of buying a present or giving out that cold hard cash. There are tons of causes out there, and tons of non-profits with donation pages that could use some love. Discover a cause you’d get behind this holiday season.



4. Wrapp


This year, I found Wrapp. I was trying to find a promo code for Warby Parker, and they have a free $20 gift card you can give to a friend. It’s really neat because you can give some gift cards away for free, or you can pay for it directly through their site. You can gift them as a birthday present and Wrapp will send the gift card to them on their birthday. It’s really neat, and totally free.



Monique’s Gift Suggestions:


1) Sign Painters


I find the trade of sign-painting fascinating! I’m hoping to take some sign painting courses in 2013, so in my research I came across this book. It’s filled with great examples from contemporary masters and a rich look-back on the history of the craft.




2) Monogram Notecard set from Rifle Paper Co.


I love everything that Anna Bond, founder of Rifle Paper Co., makes. This set would be a great start to anyone’s home office.




3) Fox Crop Sweater


Sometimes you just need a silly sweater to wear. This one is such a fun concept!



4) Out of Print Clothing


I still love Out of Print clothing! They have a suggestion button on their site and my fiancé suggested they print this version of Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer, and they did!






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