Culture Corner: Meet new Roadtripper Tele’jon!

April 25, 2013

This summer, our new Roadtripper Tele’jon will join Olivia and Ed to embark on his first ever Roadtrip.    Here’s a chance to get to know Tele’jon before he boards the Green RV. We think you’ll be surprised to find out what he fears the most (hint: it’s slimy) and what he wants to see on the trip.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why do you want to go on the Roadtrip? What are you hoping to gain from it?

I am a small kid in a vast world looking for something to do for the rest of my life. Strangely enough, I don’t believe that people have a purpose in life or even a deep reason for existence. I do believe that there are a number of things to do in this world that, if found, could make a person happy until they die. I also believe that in order to experience true happiness, the community around you must be happy, as well. In a way, I live my life searching for a road that will take me to live in that true happiness. I feel like I have tried things like spoken word, theater, and teaching – none of which have been enough. I have no idea what’s next, and I am not even sure if there will ever be a day when I will know exactly what to do next. And I think that is cool, as long as I am fully present when the tomorrows come.



Furthest you’ve traveled/longest road trip?

I’ve never done a road trip, but I recently flew to New York. That short experience was life-changing, and I brought a lot of wisdom back home with me. I can only imagine what this summer will be like.



Biggest fear?

Dang. I don’t like to tell people this because I’m usually laughed at. In all honesty, the world could be coming to an end and I would not scream as loud as I do when I am close to a snail or slug. I must’ve repressed a traumatizing childhood experience or something. I can’t really explain why.



Flight or Invisibility? 

Flight of course! The real question here is whether or not I would want wings for eagle-like gliding. I can’t imagine that Superman would have much fun flying around without wings to let the wind carry him . The flight I’d love to experience isn’t just about defying gravity, but manipulating it in ways that keep the laws of physics intact while also baffling physicist. That would be dope!



Finish this sentence: I can’t leave for the Roadtrip without my…

Phone. Before you judge me, it’s not for the typical teenage social reasons. I find it to be much more convenient to do my creative writing on my phone or laptop rather than a journal. I have terrible hand writing, and I have lost an entire journal filled with poems in the past. I like to keep these things in a “cloud” now where I can’t lose them. I’m certain that I’ll be inspired to do some writing on the trip, so my phone will be very important! Taking pictures would be nice, too.



Place you want to see the most on the trip?

The Milky Way. I haven’t been outside the city very often. City lights mixed with large amounts of pollution cover the skies. I am most excited to look up and actually see the stars. I hear Arizona is good for star-gazing, so I’m looking forward to traveling there in particular.

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