Community Outreach: Change makers

August 14, 2012

Hi everyone, Mariana here, Online Community Manager at Roadtrip Nation.
I wanted to start sharing stories of individuals who are working through their passions to make change in the world. People who see problems in the world, and instead of being discouraged, they are choosing to find a solution.


To start this new blog series off, I wanted to share with you this story video from organization Milk&Honey: Providing Hope For India. Milk & Honey is a recently conceived non-profit clothing company dedicated to raising awareness and funds for victims in the sex trade in India and beyond. Watch the video below to listen to founders Jordan Lovelis and Meredith Ambruso share why this cause has become their life’s work.


We strongly believe in the power of community to help sustain and support people’s passion! If you want to help these Leaders of change in their mission to free young women from a life of slavery, you can do it in one of three ways:


▪ Buy a Milk and Honey shirt or tank. Not only are they amazingly comfortable and well designed (I may be wearing mine right now), but all of the profits from Milk&Honey sales will go directly to Courage Homes in New Dehli, India, an aftercare treatment home that helps young women through the emotional devastation of sex trafficking.


▪ Support the company through their indiegogo campaign. The company is just starting to expand, so they are in need of start up funds to support growth.

▪ Share this video and raise awareness! It’s simple: just copy this URL and slap it on your Facebook page, email it to a friend, or just start talking about this issue!


A note from Founder Jordan Lovelis:


All of the profits from Milk&Honey will go directly to Courage Homes or to awareness programs. As a staff, we have decided to not take a salary for the year of 2012. We truly believe we can help these girls, and we will settle at nothing less.The more t-shirts we can sale, the more we can help.

“We refused to be content in a world that allows human trafficking.”


If you are in San Diego next weekend, August 25th, Milk&Honey is hosting a benefit show at Shaper Studios. There will be music, food trucks, art, raffles and a great cause to get behind! All great things!


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