A Look Back at Code Trip

September 29, 2015

Code Trip

Computer science is one of the most in-demand and highly paid skillsets in today’s job market, but the resources required to succeed in the field are still inaccessible to far too many young people. According to the Computing Research Association, of all the computer science degrees awarded during the 2013-2014 school year, only 14.7 percent were awarded to women, 7.7 percent to Hispanics and 4.1 percent to African-Americans. It’s crucial that access to the field of computer science becomes more inclusive and equitable.

That’s why we teamed up with Microsoft to send three young people interested in computer science on a cross-country Code Trip this summer. The road-trippers drove thousands of miles in our Green RV, frequently stopping along the way to interview professionals who have turned their passion for computer science into fulfilling careers. In their four weeks on the road, the team passed through 18 states and spoke to 16 different leaders—here’s a look back at their journey.


Code Trip Route


Checking out San Francisco! #CodeTrip #RoadtripNation

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Bye for now, San Francisco. We’re Seattle-bound. #CodeTrip #RoadtripNation

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The #CodeTrip RV is headed east toward Chicago. Wave hello if you spot us!

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You can see more photos of the animals the team befriended, the lakes they swam in, and the weird gas station snacks they consumed over on the #CodeTrip Roadtrip page: http://roadtripnation.com/roadtrip/code-trip. This page will be the source for additional exclusives and sneak peeks in the upcoming months!

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