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Moments from the Road, by the Roadtrip Nation Crew

Today we're rolling out another webisode special from Beyond the Dream, our upcoming documentary about three young adult immigrants—who have only temporary protection from deportation—as they navigate the uncertainty of their twenties…and of their legal status. The newest mini-episode is about a very important—and very messy—part of the Dream Team's daily life on the road: dumping the RV's sewage tanks. To show solidarity, we asked the crew here at Roadtrip Nation to share some of their greatest, weirdest, or...

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Gifts For People Who Like Going Places

It’s the holidays, which means you’re aimlessly roaming the mall for presents, dodging shoppers who would fist-fight you, and ultimately just buying H&M clothes for yourself because, hey, gift-giving is hard and you needed a new sweater! We get it and we’ve been there. But before you hand out gift cards that scream “I ignored your personality and spent 2 seconds thinking about this,” take a look at our gift...

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You probably shouldn’t put this on hold.

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The Top 5 Spots To Go Stargazing In The U.S.

If the last time you glanced up at the night sky, you were met by the glow of billboard ads for insurance, it’s time to get away and re-commune with nature! Stargazing is a quintessential road trip activity, and it’s a great reminder that our mortal troubles are pretty petty in the context of the infinite universe. What can we say...there’s something about being out of cell service range that...

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Roadie Blog: Updates from the Road

Hello World!   This is Roadie Jenny (or J-Dog as my fellow Roadies call me). I'll be keeping you in the loop from the road for the 2014 Roadie Fall Tour! We're ecstatic to embark on this journey and can't wait to bring you along with us. But first...   Let us take a selfie!   Monday night we head out (not too far from home) to sunny San Diego,...

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12 Things to Avoid on Your Next Road Trip

Bean burritos. If you can’t subsist without this staple food, just know that your vehicle is about to get vividly scented and you will likely curse the first cultivators of beans who grew them at the Himalayan foothills in 7000 BCE. But these inventive agriculturists do not deserve your scorn! Just say no. Car stench. Avoid this by purchasing Febreeze and applying it generously. Eventually you’re going to cave and...

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Things We Like To Do in Big Cities

Roadtrip Nation has meandered through most of the major cities in the US, and over the years we’ve accrued a lot of knowledge about where to go/eat/park a 35-foot vehicle. We like to think of ourselves as seasoned veterans of the road; sherpas of the pavement; stewards of turning down the absolute wrong street and stumbling upon an unreasonably delicious slice of pizza. We’ve logged over 10,000 miles on the...

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5 Outfits You Should Definitely Try While Road-Tripping

Road trip fashion is less about what color is “in” this season and more about comfort, functionality, and temperature control. That’s why we propose that you pack the following items for your next road trip!   1. Jorts (jean shorts): This is a standard road-tripping clothing item. Jorts basically scream, “I love driving around America.” Simply put, jeans+shorts= magic.   2. Yoga pants and t-shirt: When you rock this outfit,...

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Design Roadtrip: Photos from the Road

Wondering what the Design Roadtrip team has been up to? Here are some snapshots from the road!     The team visited Montana and was impressed with the amazing views.   Sunsets are better when viewed from the top of the Green RV!   Beware: beautiful sunsets may cause excited arm gestures.   After driving through the Tetons, they made their way towards Yellowstone National Park.   Yellowstone was EPIC.  ...

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Design Roadtrip: Packing Essentials

The Design Roadtrip team just arrived at our HQ in sunny Costa Mesa, California! Their road trip is officially underway. Now that they’ve survived the first challenge of a road trip (packing), we wanted to know what they have in their bags! What were the items they just couldn’t live without on the road? We asked, and they answered. Here are the road-tripper’s packing essentials:   Sofaya: sketchbook, duct tape,...

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