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Moments from the Road, by the Roadtrip Nation Crew

Today we're rolling out another webisode special from Beyond the Dream, our upcoming documentary about three young adult immigrants—who have only temporary protection from deportation—as they navigate the uncertainty of their twenties…and of their legal status. The newest mini-episode is about a very important—and very messy—part of the Dream Team's daily life on the road: dumping the RV's sewage tanks. To show solidarity, we asked the crew here at Roadtrip Nation to share some of their greatest, weirdest, or...

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Bobby: the man, the legend, photographer!

  When I was tasked with writing this blog, I thought, “crap.” This is a daunting post to write, because there is no combination of words, no well-strung sentence that could eloquently and justly describe the amazing Bobby Lee. The pressure is on. Bobby works on our web team and is one of the most talented and passionate nature photographers I have the pleasure to work with and call my...

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Meet the Crew: Say Hello to Scotty!

What's up everyone? I'm Scotty and I'm the new PHP Developer here at Roadtrip Nation. I am a self-taught programmer who has a bachelor's degree in creative writing and another bachelor’s in 3D animation. Sounds like I knew what I wanted to do with my life, right? Which is why I love what Roadtrip Nation does and why I can't wait to help in their mission. If I knew about...

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Hannah Here, Saying “Hey!”

Hey blogosphere! My name is Hannah and I’m the new social media intern here at Roadtrip Nation. As a bit of an introduction, I'd like to tell you all about the things that make me tick. Firstly, I love to dance, and have been groovin' since the age of five. Additionally, I'm a big fan of travel. This summer I spent my time wandering around Asia, and as a junior...

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Roadtrip Nation Safari!

Sometimes, the Internet inspires us. Too much? Never! Thank you Mashable for making this happen in our office.   Read More →

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Bon Voyage Filmers!

  It’s that time of the year: the sun is heating our days up, bonfires are being planned, and we are packing up another RV to hit the road with our talented film crew Dan and Willie. These two are heading north today to rendezvous with our newest team of Roadtrippers, Olivia, Tele’jon and Ed. This is just the beginning of a seven-week trip around the country,   So be...

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Culture Corner:  Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown!

Video to paper, paper to video, video to paper, paper to video…   Roadtrip Nation’s very own video editor, Willie, has stimulated our brains and eyes with an experimental video side project he’s calling “Screengrab.”  After watching this video, you’ll be questioning what’s real and what’s not!   The video has been circulating around everyone’s computers here at Roadtrip Nation and blowing our minds.  Apparently, it’s also been blowing the...

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99U Take Aways: Joshua Davis – The Pitfalls of Success

"You did it! Now go away."    Joshua Davis is an artist, web designer, technologist, author--and quite simply put, an all round bad ass (pardon our French). To say Joshua has experienced great successes would be an understatement. His work is in the Smithsonian, so he’s kind of a big deal.   Read More →

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Meet James:  He’s More Than Meets the Eye

  [caption id="attachment_6607" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Photo by Bobby Lee"][/caption] It’s surprising how only a little bit of digging around has led me to unearth yet another hidden staff talent here at Roadtrip Nation headquarters.   James, AKA Jeff Coleman, works behind the scenes here at Roadtrip Nation in the web department and has one of the coolest T-shirt collections around. However, when James is off the clock, he’s at home...

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Meet the Crew: Hannah’s her name, and note-taking is her game.

Here at Roadtrip Nation, we all have job titles and super important official-type things we do on a daily basis. But after being here for a few weeks, I’ve noticed that most of the staff have hidden talents or after-work activities that are impressive, to say the least. So, I decided to crash our development department to see if I could uncover any of those hidden gems.   What I...

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