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Roadie Recap Week 3

Hello from the road, world! Roadie Emmercelle here to give you your weekly dose of YAY from somewhere in the United States. I'm writing to you on the Green RV, rolling along to Fort Myers, FL. But less about that, more about this past week. Read More →

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Roadie Tour: Week 2 Recap!

Hello again from the road! Roadie Emmercelle here with your weekly fun update; because it's a new week and we are fun and this is our update. Yay!   Read More →

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Roadtrip Nation Weekly May Challenge: May You Challenge Yourself to Do Good!

This week, for our Roadtrip Weekly Challenge, we asked you to go out and do something for someone…anything.  If it’s sounding a little vague, well, that’s because the possibilities are limitless, and it’s all about finding those opportune moments to help someone out. Buy a stranger coffee, or make eye contact with someone and smile if you can tell they’re having a bad day. There’s nothing too small or too...

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Roadtrip Nation Weekly Challenge: May the Force be with You!

  Hello, Online Community!   I hope this month of May is finding you well! We decided May was a better month than ever to set a few community-driven challenges. After all, May the fourth brings out a special kind of power for the rest of the month—the kind of power that brings out the Jedi warrior in all of us.   Read More →

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Let’s Geek Out Austin! A Social Media Director’s Diary #1

  [caption id="attachment_6456" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Snap shots from Austin!"][/caption] Hi!   Well, Austin has already proven to be worth the 24 hours in a small van with five (awesome) KKi interns. These guys have been such a pleasure to get to know; each one of them has incredible passion for the work they do with Krochet Kids, and it was exciting to be a part of their road trip.  ...

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Our Social Media Director Hitches a Ride to SXSW with KrochetKids!

  When you wake up in the morning and it’s still dark out, and you’ve got a bag of family-sized pretzels and an iPod with hours’ worth of music, you know it means you’re about to go on a really long Roadtrip adventure! Well, it does for me! Today, I hitched a ride to South by Southwest with the wonderful Krochet Kids Int., a fellow non-profit based out of Costa...

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Roadie Jungle Weekly Wrap Up #5

Greetings from Florida, Blogverse!   Jungle with the East Coast Roadie team, here to bring you the scoop of this past week’s happenings!  We are officially in Florida, the sunshine state…and boy is it sunny here! Read More →

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Roadie Jungle Weekly Wrap up #3

Happy October, Blogosphere!   This is Christina with the East Coast Roadie team, here to give you the scoop on the awesome time that we had on the college campuses we visited in Pennslyvania and Washington D.C.! Read More →

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Ray’s Corner /// Past Leader Mike Song performs on Ellen with his mom!

Hey Everybody, Ray here, and I've got exciting news for you all! During the Roadtrip Nation Live initial season, we interviewed good friend and hip-hop dancer/choreographer, Mike Song. Recently, Mike created a dance video duet with his mom that he put up on YouTube, set to current viral song "Gangnam Style" by Psy. Shortly thereafter, his video went viral and collected 4 million views in its first 4 days. But...

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Doheny Days and Roadtrip Nation

  Hello!   Roadtrip Nation has been invited to set up booth at Doheny Days, a music festival held at Doheny.   Beach. Head over this weekend to chat with us and give your ears some noise candy. We’ll be set up at the Dunes, the interactive area of the festival that brings awareness to various causes throughout the community. Some employees and past Roadtrip Nation Alumni will be there, so stop by...

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