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Season 11 Featured Musicians

      Considering there’s a song by The Clox in almost every episode this season, we believe our affection for the band is apparent. They’re a group of guys from Kazakhstan who came to Brooklyn in hopes of getting the word out about their particular brand of alternative rock. Check out the music video for “Jules Verne” below! If you’ve been following our series, you’ve heard snippets of this...

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Legend Session with Tyler Stenson

The Legend Sessions started as small jam sessions after hours when we discovered a few staff members were musicians. Since the jamming  took place in front of our original RV, the name stuck. Since then, these sessions have evolved into a way for us to showcase the musicians that have been featured in our documentary series .       Read More →

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I know it’s only rock n roll, but I like it.

  It's my favorite time of year! The 2012 Roadtrip Nation soundtrack is officially up, and it might just be the best one yet.   Read More →

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Musician Justin Jude shares his on the road playlist

  Justin Jude is quietly plotting musical world domination from his velvet-scarf -bedecked bunker in Portland, OR. He’s been compared to Paul Simon, Rufus Wainwright and some other cats you twentysomethings have never heard of. Using only his voice, he can pop the top off a Coke bottle at 50 feet. His music has been featured on Roadtrip Nation, The Today Show, national radio and several compilations. You can hear...

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South by South West Friends!

Hello! Well, it’s been a solid week of recovering for Chrystal and I from the excitement and buzz of South by South West in Austin, Texas! We will have an edited video piece soon of the trip and the incredible people we met. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with local Costa Mesa nonprofit Krochet Kids, which was at SXSW sharing the work they do with the women...

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We’re heading to SXSW!

Mariana and I are heading down to SXSW this year, and I couldn't be more excited! So much to learn and listen to. I've been looking at the bands playing, and I know I won't get to all of them, but here's just a few whom I am excited to see play live. Read More →

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2011 Roadtrip Nation Soundtrack!

Every year we put together a soundtrack for our Fall Tour that features a few of the musicians from the new season. This year we were able to compile 15 incredible artists from Season Eight for the 2011 Soundtrack!   Read More →

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Roadtrip Nation Featured Musician: Mike Hosty

We had featured The Hosty Duo in the series for a few seasons before I was able to see Mike Hosty play live at the Deli in Norman, Okla. Let me tell you, it was an experience. Hosty has become an institution in Norman, playing every Sunday at the Deli as a one-man band. He's funny, quirky, and talented. Here's an interview with Mike by our friend Will Hogan. Enjoy!...

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Music Director Chrystal Lists Fav Music Moments

    There is something about finding the perfect song for our public television series that is so gratifying. We have been really lucky to work with many talented musicians over the past eight seasons, so I thought I would highlight a few of my favorite music cues. It's kind of like trying to pick your favorite kind of ice cream or memory. They are all amazing, but a few...

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Battle of the Bands Recap!

A couple weeks ago, the Roadtrip Nation Music Department held our first Battle of the Bands, and it was quite a success!  The bands that played were from all different genres, so it made for a nice night of diverse music.  After five sets, we clearly had a winner...     The winner of the first Roadtrip Nation Music Department's Battle of the Bands is 80 Proof!  They packed the...

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